Josh Jackson!

  • Josh Jackson played like a man the other night against Georgia. @Jesse-Newell wrote a sweet article about him at The Star.

    We have all seen Josh play like the top draft pick we know he is. The light turned on for him sometime between Sienna and UAB. He looks to me like a player that is tuned in, like he knows he is the best player on the floor when he gets out there. His ball handling skills are a real treat to watch. He can pass and create for himself and others like DG and Frank can. We havent had a wing this talented with the ball in his hands.

    Josh, so far this season is averaging 14.4ppg, 6.2rb, 2.4asst 1.2st 0.8blk 2.0to .558 .478 .333

    Wiggins entire season at KU, ( cuz I cant find his 5 game totals )

    17.1 ppg 5.9rb 1.5asst 1.2st 1.0blk 2.3to .448 .775 .341

    The things that really stand out to me in contrast are Josh’s assist/To ratios vs Wiggins. Josh has to work on his free throws. He has to. He is so good at drawing fouls that he could absolutely add a couple PPG on freebies alone. His Trey gun, while hitched, is pretty similar to Wiggins’ . No problem there.

    Clearly Josh is much better with the ball in his hands. He has to cut down the turnovers but I think he will, no problem. Wiggins was scoring more per game but he had to. Him and Joel were our best players that year and it wasn’t close imo.

    Will Josh increase his average PPG? Maybe. The light is on for him. He whips those passes to our other guys like he is a point guard. I’ve watched Self’s favorite play of Josh’s quite a few times. Josh whips a no look pass over to SVI on the right wing for an open trey against UAB, studly move. Something Wiggins couldnt do and still its not his strong point in the NBA

  • If someone with higher level basketball knowledge than I would like to add more to this, please feel free.

    Oh, and everyone else too!!

    Happy Turkey day my fellow Jayhawks.

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