MU 1-6 in SEC Conference

  • And MU doesn’t have hoops to look forward to!.

  • If I was a Missouri fan, and I’m thankful I’m not, and it’s one of the first things I’ll say I’m thankful for Thursday, but if I was I’d be pretty upset that we left the Big12. It changed that athletic department for the worse it appears.

  • Football school tho.

  • @wissox Yes looking at how down the B12 is they prob get to a bowl. I had a friend ask me yesterday where i thought the B12 would be if Leach and MM stayed around? kinda a tough call but i say better.

  • KSU will likely finish 8-4 with a terrible QB that can barely complete a pass. 'nough said. 😴

  • No matter how my day is going it always improves when I see which SEC team used Fizzoo for a doormat.

  • When I look at what has happened to Big 12 football, I am amazed how so many fail to notice that its decline correlates so strongly with ShoeWars, and the increasing, rather than decreasing, synchronous tendency of the media-gaming complex to want to channel talent into the EST.

    The Big 12 in the CST has always had to swim against the media current in all sports.

    But clearly there have been times when KU in basketball, or OU and Nebraska and Texas, in football, could overcome the biasing current to both coasts, but especially to the east coast.

    Traditionally, EST schools created a rivalry with PST schools in football that was good for the media gaming complex over the years.

    But rising demand for television content for a time brought some cashflow and clout to the CST.

    But once the modern regime of ShoeCoes-Media-Gaming locked in and imposed the championship on D1 football, it has been an inexorable drift in football and a more herky jerky one in basketball toward deflating the CST’s football and basketball relevance and replacing it with EST programs, and second with PST programs.

    We are fast moving back to how things used to be back in the so called “golden age” of sports in the 1920s and 1930s, when the CST teams barely existed in anyone’s minds outside of those that lived in the CST.

    Its sad, if you are a fan of the CST sports, and enjoyed their brief ascendance on the national stage.

    KU basketball is one very good barometer of the phenomenon. It is on a nearly 30 year roll as the first or second most successful basketball program. It has won 11 or 12 straight conference titles, goes deep as frequently as any school even in the March Carney that was started three seasons ago, or so, and has won a ring in 2008 and took second in 2012, and went to the elite eight last season. KU has won 82% of it games for 10 years, fer chrissakes, and it has the first or second best coach in the country. Its the cradle of college basketball. The games inventor is from KU. The original rules are here. The greatest player in the game’s history, or the second greatest depending which EST or PST drug you take, played here. And KU STILL cannot recruit an OAD point guard, or OAD center, and is getting so it cannot sign a 5-star point guard, or centers. It is disgraceful what is happening to the CST teams, especially the Big 12, because of the apparent strategy of the shoeco-media-gaming complex to concenctrate the good teams with top talent in the EST too an absurd degree of asymmetry.

  • @brooksmd

    Me, too.

    I even use a more caustic metaphor.

    “…when they use MU for a litter box.”

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