KU soccer

  • KU Soccer ended a nice season with a win over ISU yesterday, they are currently ranked #25 in the land. They finished second in the B12 good for their best since 2004. They will play TCU in the first round of the B12 tournament, Ku’s record is 10-4-4 on the season. I hate soccer always have but glad to see our ladies doing well (if I wanted to see someone struggle to score for 90 minutes I’d take my buddies to the bar). Sucks to come that close to getting the conference crown. The only thing I like about SZ is he has done a good job of getting us better in sports across the board baring FB.

  • @kjayhawks and how did he help us?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Got Rock Chalk park to help recruiting and breath a little life in to this program, as mentioned this is their best season in 12 years. Also I like the hire of Brandon Schneider, I think he can get the women’s BB program going. I like the new locker rooms for football, but I hate his football coach selections and TV deal.

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