Looking at Conf's non/conf schedules

  • Took at look at the other teams of our conf non/con schedules. - -Got some mixed reaction from them some Good, some really sad:

    KU, Okla, Okla St , Tex - - -Pretty Good. Baylor, Iowa St, West Virginia - - - - So , So K-State, TCU, Texas Tech, THEY JUST SUCK - -REALLY BAD: teams that hi-light their schedules are like: Neb Omaha, Prairie View, Gardner Webb , Jacksonville State , Arkansas St, Wofford, Northern Texas, Eastern Ky Houston Baptist, Longwood - - that’s just sad

    I just wonder, if these bottom teams want to possibly get any better, wouldn’t you think they would want to upgrade their schedules? - Which in turn would quite possibly improve recruiting, Who wants to come to a school where your hi-light of the non-con is Wofford OR Prairie View? where you know there isn’t gonna be exposure on TV? come on upgrade your dam schedules - -ya you might take some thumpings at first - -but you got to start somewhere to attract better recruits don’t you? - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    You have to look at those schedules in more detail and in context. Many of those games are pre-season, much like KU playing Washburn and Emporia State, and do not count in the offcial record. Others, like Wofford, might not be well known by it has been to the NCAA 4 of the last 6 years and it is a pretty decent program, Eastern KY has been to the NCAA and in 2014, it took a big game by Jamari to get past them. These are just a couple right off the top of my head. Look at other conferences and you will see that the schedules you mentioned are typical of most major programs. Smaller schools will play big programs just to get a big paycheck and big programs typically do not play each other in pre-conference play unless it is in a big stage or a Tournament; this is the ways it has always been, although the Big 12 has had the highest RPI the previous 3 years.

  • @JayHawkFanToo ya I know it’ true, but yet I did check well enough to know that none of the one’s I listed are exhibition and will count. Went to the Bi2 website and pulled up each and everyone schedule for one reason I write all the teams schedules down so I can keep track as season begins. ROCK CHALK ALL ADY LONG BABY

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