Post-game Roundup: Kansas vs SDSU


    ###Newell: SDSU snaps KU winning streak###

    LAWRENCE — San Diego State snapped Kansas’ 68-game nonconference home-court winning streak, outmuscling the Jayhawks in a 61-57 victory on Sunday at Allen Fieldhouse.

    ####Dodd: San Diego State beats Kansas####

    No. 21 San Diego State took down No. 16 Kansas 61-57 on Sunday afternoon at Allen Fieldhouse, the Jayhawks’ first loss home loss against a nonconference opponent in more than seven years.

    #####ESPN Box score#### #####Newell: CJOnline live blog##### #####Tait: KU Sports live blog#####

  • Perimeter shooting and gave up too many offensive rebounds. I’ll post a lengthier reply later.

  • Somewhere Newell, Dodd, Tait and Bedore, and others are banging out their postgame thoughts on their respective keyboards.

    “outrebounded”, “couldn’t buy a three”, or more complex cogent arguments for why we lost again, I’m sure.

    Somewhere HEM is shaking his head at our lack of a three point threat.

    Somewhere people wonder if Brannen Greene is transferring.

    Somewhere Jaybate is meditating in a greenhouse in lotus position and letting the words roll like a river over him.

  • Missing bunnies

    Not Boxing Out

    Couple of really bad calls

    Another loss in this frustrating freshmen heavy season

    Defense was decent. Offense was horrible

    Bring on the conf season.

  • @FarSideHawk - I was going to whole heartedly agree with your last comment until I realized it said " conf " and not " off ".

  • Blame it on me. Blame the whole damn weekend on me.

    I told my wife that even the Chiefs couldn’t blow a 38-10 lead in the 3rd quarter.

    I told my wife that Kansas had won 68 straight non-conference games and wasn’t about to start a new streak today.

    I told my wife that " trace to 1" of snow" means that I won’t have to shovel the driveway. I shoveled the damn thing FOUR times last night so she could get to work this morning.

    I think I need to quit talking to my wife.

  • @nuleafjhawk I was scared like StupidMichael even with the Chiefs up 38-10. Lin Elliott’s ghost still haunting me.

    Don’t know what to think of this Jayhawk team. If the switch will ever turn on for it to be a special season, or just the usual average KU season (which would be great, if we were KSU, but we’re not).

    Let me know if not talking to your wife helps things. I may try it too.

  • @nuleafjhawk Thanks for a laugh on this utterly unlaughable day. And you are a good husband for shovelling it 4 damn times.

  • A really bad finish to a really bad weekend. The Saints were the only team I wanted to see win in the wild card round and the disaster at AFH was gut wrenching.

    If I had to give the single most fault w/KU, I would have to say it is lacking a quality PG. Tharpe just doesn’t get it and as much as I like Mason, we need a 6’3 - 6’5 athletic guard who can get the ball out in transition.

    Wiggins and Selden are left too often trying to make something happen and neither are capable. I really wish Self could have sped up the developed AW3 and Greene. These are the 3-4 year players we have had so much success with in the past but hard to develop players off the bench.

    Sweet-16 at best. I could even see us missing the NCAA but doubt that will happen. Coach - please recruit a top tier PG for next year.

  • Seems like the missed threes lead to too many runouts for them and our half court D looked fine (other than our rebounds) . My guess is we practiced the half court D a lot.

  • Well, as a team, we didn’t play well today and lost by just four points to a fellow top 25 team. It’s not as if we lost to a TCU - caliber team. We’ll be fine.

    With that said, I don’t like losing. Ha. And I cringe when we shoot three pointers now. It doesn’t matter who is shooting the trey, I grit my teeth. I know you have to shoot them to make them, but do we have to shoot so many? 🙂

  • The rebounding (or lack thereof) was the most frustrating, especially seeing SDSU get so many putbacks because we didn’t simply box out. 13 blocks is great, but a couple of those blocks ended up as SDSU baskets anyway, when the help defender leaves his man, who then gets the rebound and puts it back in. When you try to block somebody else’s man, you can’t box out your own man. Then he gets the basket off the miss.

    We got killed on the boards (51-39), and that was an area I didn’t realize we needed so much work on. Especially fundamentals, like boxing out.

  • @tundrahok Bill addressed the problem w/blocking shots and putting you in a bad position to get the block out.

  • Wow, was I wrong on this one. I thought KU would have no problem scoring and the key would be defense. Defense was by and large not bad, although way too many put backs were allowed, but the offense was just nowhere to be found.

    Sooner or later the team will start playing complete games when both the offense and defense show up; hopefully starting with conference play.

  • Banned

    Man oh man. I’m afraid that HCBS may have created this problem. This current KU team lacks confidence. I’m thinking the out conference schedule was just way to tough. I mean when was the last time we played a rummy, and with a surprisingly strong Big 12 on the way. I just don’t know. My only hope at this moment is that KU becomes obscure. That the media makes us irrelevant. Then maybe just maybe we become the hunter instead of the hunted.

  • Embiid needs to stop blocking like Withey: just swat the ball out of bounds.

    Second half SDSU’s best play was to score after an Embiid block.

    No reason to keep the ball in bounds if it’s 3 on 1 in the paint…

  • One reason we lost is that their bigs were very athletic. I was impressed. The sportswriters should be impressed and rate this team high.

    I hope I’m wrong but we may look at this year as the great OAD experiment at KU and judge it as a failure. And we better hope these underachieving hyped individuals find it within themselves to stick around for another year or two.

  • Wow, if you read the comments on the LJW site…the sky is falling. SDSU can really guard, but by them doubling the post every time, we had open shots. I thought a fair number of the shots that we missed were actually good shots…certainly good enough to win with no problem if we make those. The problem is…you aren’t always going to make those shots. That’s where the rebounding and toughness come in to play. Tharpe, Ellis, and Wiggins took most of the missed shots. If anything, I would like for Selden to take more shots…in the lane and from 3. As the game went on, the continued debate about AW3 or Greene having a chance to see what they could do just screamed out at you. The way the defense sagged, you knew that there would be plenty of open 3 looks. I think Self would say that we settled for 3s way to early in the shot clock on several occasions. Clearly, Gottleib thinks that Tharpe is part of the problem with his continuous “without a true PG” comments. Although Mason forced the issue too much early on, ultimately he made several plays which helped to fuel our being in the game at the end. This game does make you think that maybe we should revise our expectations for this team down slightly, but some of the comments on the LJW site are ridiculous. Could we lose a conference game or two that you might not have expected going in to the season? Sure. But, it’s hard to believe that with this talent and with Self’s track record that this team won’t perform to the expected level by later in the season.

  • @approxinfinity I am really concerned about Greene. Most coaches would love to have him. AW3 came in and didn’t do much, but got yanked never to see the court again this game. Greene is now jaded mentally. He and Frankamp are totally defeated. Greene could gain some confidence if he could play and play through some mistakes without getting pulled. I thought Greene should’ve came in for Selden. Self kept trying to play Tharpe and Mason at the 1 and 2. I’m sorry, I don’t buy Self’s combo system. It worked in 2008 and he had better talent and different players at that time. He needs to quit jacking with the positions and stop with the combo crap. Let players come into their own. We keep saying “it will payoff later,” really? I hope so. I’m not seeing it and this team seems confused at how to play basketball right and I’m looking to Head Coach Bill Self for failing this team right now. He can do it, but he’s not done it yet or they’re not responding.

  • @FarSideHawk I wanted to jump all over the bad calls too, but really can’t. Your basic summary explains it minus the “couple of really bad calls.” I would even question defense at times. It seemed on again and off again. It was a bit inconsistent at best. But, they did show some improvement in defense. They were focused on defense so much during practice, they forgot offense.

  • @Hawk8086 I don’t know about Tharpe. He takes two steps forward and then three steps back. The sad thing is he’s IT. He’s the pg right now. We have no options. We all thought Self might work Selden at pg, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Selden has some opps of his own and throwing pg responsibilities at him would be too much, especially as a freshman.

    I actually thought Mason had a fair game and was one of the brightest points of the game. He gave me hope and hit some critical shots. The FTs were a bit shaky. Ellis missed a crucial FT to tie the game and then let a lose ball bounce off his legs. They’ll be fine. It’s going to be a long season though.

  • @approxinfinity I think Ellis and Tharpe’s faces pretty much sums things up at this point.

  • @truehawk93 - Isn’t that about the same faces they’ve had all season long? I’ve never seen a more emotionless team in my whole life. It just bugs the crap out of me. I love to win, but OMG I HATE to lose. I don’t like moral victories, I don’t like learning anything from losses. I want to win. I don’t want to lose.

    I’d give anything to see one of these guys get pissed and get a technical once in a while over something that they were really passionate about. I’d love to see them bawl their eyes out after giving away a 7 year winning streak against non conference opponents. I’d do a backflip (if I could) to see somebody get jacked over an alley oop and do their own backflip. A fist pump. A grimace. A smile. Anything but these &^%$^* expressionless robot faces I’ve been seeing.

    Sorry, but I do feel a little better now.

  • Frustrating to watch most of yesterday’s game. Great to see them get within a point with Perry shooting a second FT at the line. I’m with the many here who would have liked to see Greene enter the game at some point. Especially as cold as we were shooting the ball. Would be interesting to know how many bunnies we missed. I think it was north of 6. In a game against a solid front line with Perry having a poor game does anybody else want to see what a front line of Embiid and Lucas can do? Pull up your bootstraps boys and bring on OU.

  • @nuleafjhawk I’m glad we didn’t have to see Perry cry after missing a free throw to tie and fumbling the rebound (that would have given KU a shot for the win) out of bounds. He looked defeated after that. I was hoping he would respond with fire. Poor guy.

  • Capture.PNG

    This is how he feels.

  • @wrwlumpy thanks for sharing!

  • As bad as we think things are working out so far - and yes, I do not like how the season is going - let’s keep things in perspective.

    KU has 4 loses to 4 current top 15 teams by a combined total of 17 points. Again, 4 LOSES TO 4 TOP 15 TEAMS BY A COMBINED TOTAL OF 17 POINTs!!!

    The Villanova and Colorado were decide by a long shot at the end of the game, and the SDSU went essentially down to the wire. Now, compared our schedule to currently #3 Ohio State who has yet to play a single Top 50 team. Yes, we have four loses and Ohio State has none, but come March, which team do you think will be better prepared to handle the competition? My gut and KU bias tell me that by that time, the players will have embraced Self-ball and will be playing at a much higher level.

    When you look at the schedule and our player’s inexperience, is the current 9-4 record really that surprising?

  • @JayHawkFanToo - Oh well, yeah. If you want to throw logic and common sense into the loop, then everything seems about right.

    I know that a lot of teams would be pretty happy with 9-4 (they’re called losers - lol) and that we should be patient. I’m still confident that Coach will get this turned around, but the thing that gripes my butt the most is the seeming lack of emotion on our player’s parts. I hope I’m wrong, but it sure looks like they just don’t care.

  • Next 7 games: @ OU, KSU, @ ISU, OSU, Baylor, @ TCU, ISU.

    “To live in this town you must be TUFF TUFF TUFF TUFF TUFF” Mick Jagger - Shattered.

  • @JayHawkFanToo We probably helped those four teams be ranked higher than us by virtue of them beating us!

    Our ranking absolutely helped those teams. But they have continued to win as well. Their combined record: 49-6

    SDSU and Florida were the two that took it to us more. The CU and Villanova games seemed to be within our grasp.

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