Could Bill Self Offer a Player Named Trae?

  • Could Self say the word Trae every day in practice and at training table and on bus rides and plane flights for the next few years?

    Could Self say, “You’re in, Trae,” when Self wants a rotation back up to go in and protect, feed the post, guard, help defend, and keep it from sticking?

    Could Self separate the name Trae from the shot called the trey?

    Self has almost seemed to struggle saying the word trey in the past.

    Could he say Trae in the present?

    Might he pronounce it phonetically to get around the bad taste the word “trey” appears to leave in his mouth?

    TRAH…EH, go in and get us a stop!!!

    That might work.

    But I think its going to be a big hurdle for Self.


  • Imagine all of the ‘free the trae’ comments we’d have on the message boards.

  • @wissoxfan83

    And the TPP FREE Trae Zone?

  • Imagine Self having to say, “Trae, take a Trey!”

    To borrow from Apocalypse Now: THE HORROR!


  • Could Self say: “Trae’s Trey was real gold!”

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