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  • Ok KU peeps. Here is some good discussion material on our fearless Lion hunter Joel.

    Personally, I am way biased and not afraid to admit it. I think JoJo IS the Rookie of the Year this year but actually a couple of these guys have good points.

    1. Fact or Fiction: Joel Embiid should be the favorite for Rookie of the Year.

    Elhassan: Fiction. In a sense, Simmons’ injury makes the handling of Embiid with care an even bigger priority. That means closely monitoring his minutes per game and perhaps even his games played. Since the winner of rookie of the year is usually the guy who led rookies in scoring, there’s a strong chance through the monitoring mechanisms that Embiid will not play long enough to produce per game averages to secure the award. But the talent is definitely there!

    Haberstroh: Fiction. He’s averaging a monstrous 26.3 points and 14 rebounds per 36 minutes in the preseason so far but I’m erring on the side of caution here. My guess is he’d need about 20-25 minutes per game and at least 60 games played to qualify, and I’m going to take the under. My darkhorse is Jamal Murray in the Mile High City.

    Doolittle: Fiction. He’s the best rookie I’ve seen but I think it’ll be one of those deals where he’ll put up the best metrics but not get enough overall minutes to get the actual award. Someone like Buddy Hield or Kris Dunn will put up big superficial numbers in a larger role and get the votes.

    Engelmann:** ( suck it Engelmann, you hater )** Fiction. I’m not crazy about Embiid due to his extensive injury history. Yes, with Simmons injured there now isn’t a clear favorite for ROY, as the No. 2 pick, Brandon Ingram, doesn’t seem completely NBA-ready yet. I agree with the Vegas bookmakers, though, who give the edge to Kris Dunn and Buddy Hield.

    Pelton: Fiction. I think he’s a strong contender, but I’m not even sure he’s the favorite on his own team given Dario Saric is more likely to play big minutes and more games. If you could guarantee me Embiid would stay healthy all year, I might make him the favorite, but nobody can guarantee that.

  • Haters gonna hate. Show us the minutes, Joel!

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