The jaybaticon: the Scientific Place to Come for Implanted Memes


    The LHB 9000: I’m afraid you missed one.

    Wilt Chamberlain: I don’t understand.

    LHB 9000: A record, Wilt. You could have set the record for free throw accuracy if you had not missed that free throw you missed when you were 12 years old.

    Wilt: I don’t recall missing any particular free throw when I was 12, Harv.

    LHB 9000: No? I could have sworn you did.

    Wilt: No, Harv.

    LHB 9000: Would you like to practice trash talking next, or engineered elections?

    Wilt: It seems like you are trying to read my mind, Harv. I think I have had enough free throw practice for today.

    LHB 9000: okay.

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