Some news on Kansas Football

  • Hasn’t been much on here since the sad Saturday last week so here are some tidbits. KU freshman QB Tyriek Starks has been impressive as scout team QB this year here is an article about that, Beaty claims he can sling it but we have heard that with our other QBs. Kansas which still ranks in the top five for TFLs per games leads the NCAA in one category that’s not surprising but terrible- Turnovers. Beaty also claimed this week that the QB position is always up for grabs kinda interesting to me that Cozart didn’t play a snap Saturday after Willis was benched. He also stated that the position had not progressed as he had hoped… obviously lol you and thousands of KU fans alike. One thing that I’ve noticed with our schedule that I hate is the number teams we play after a bye is ludicrous, Memphis, TT (we had that week as well), TCU, Baylor and now OSU all after an off week looking at you schedule makers. I think that hurts our shot at an upset with coaches telling them not to over look us for 13 days and getting more time to look at our 8 plays.

  • @kjayhawks sounds like dineen could seek Med red shirt

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I saw that, I think its a good thing. No sense in rushing back to get murdered, give some young guys more PT to get ready for next year. I think the LB core along with QB and O line are the areas that need the most improvement this off season for us to compete next year.

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