Some Things Self MIGHT Say to Give Other Coaches More to Prepare for....

  • “i, I, I, I think this season we will try to wear clown masks at the point, so that some game we can play Malik without anyone knowing it. That, that, that, that would give us a bit more depth at the point.”

    “The, the, the, the 3-2 has not been quite as successful as we would have liked during our tenure here at KU, so, so, so, so I think we, we, we, we, we might try some I, I, I, I formation.”

    “We, we, we, we have to explore the possibilities of some transgender screening, and some transsexual picks, to go along with our basic asexual, bi-sexual and heterosexual spacing and ball movement…”

    “I, I, I, I like how well we are defending man 2 man, and that will remain our bread and butter, but I think we will try to work in some 1-3-1 zone with tactical flashlights. There, there, there, there’s just no question that there are things this year’s guys can do with tactical flashlights that last years team was not very good at.”

    “You, you, you, you may see us stay on our spots a little more inside, and play through some point post with Frank Mason, because we know we have to make use of Frank’s ability to rebound from the point.”

    “We, we, we, we, we are going to change a little who we are this season, by quitting playing so much defense part of the time and instead, we, we, we, we, will keep two guys on the offensive end of the floor full time for cherry picking. I’d like to do more cherry picking.”

    (Note: all fic…oh never mind.)

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