What a waste of a talented guy

  • Well guys I apologize, not basketball related, but just saw off ESPN, Lawrence Phillips was found dead in his cell.Me personally I’m sorry I know what he did was wrong for sure and all but hate to see that kind of thing on anyone. He was a talent that just went wrong RIP Lawrence Phillips. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

  • @jayballer54 there’s a general discussion forum you can post other topics than bb. I don’t care where you put it. It’s very sad. Wonder if they will find any brain trauma w/his autopsy??

  • @Crimsonorblue22 it said that was obviously being inverstigated as a suicide, OH by the way to losses must be catching as Duke just lost to an unranked Clemson team

  • @jayballer54 OU osu at 8.

  • @jayballer54 Back up the truck and empty his office. Coach K is finished. Duke will probably never win another game.

  • @sfbahawk lmao, ya think? love seeing Duke lose, I guess we aren’t the only team to lose on the road huh? just goes to show, you better bring it every night. These teams aren’t just lie down like a dog for you. lime Oh your KU or oh your Duke or whoever you best be bringing it. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    @sfbahawk @jayballer54

    I never could understand how another team losing justifies KU losing? Never made sense to me.

    Is KU the standard or are they not?

    So if UNC loses to an unranked team will it be ok if KU loses to an unranked team?

    So if UK loses 10 games and misses the tournament and has to play in the NIT again, then that excuses KU if they do the same?

    Like I said never made sense to me

  • @DoubleDD I don’t think it’s OK for us to lose because others do…I think the fact that others have lost this week demonstrates how hard it is to win on the road in the conference. But this is nothing new…it happens every year. Of course, the TV announcers make a big deal of it…upsets generates buzz…

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    Losing is part of life and the game. Yet how you lose and how you respond is what is important. How KU and coach lost to WVU is not good. To many negatives. We’ll see how they respond. Yet right now I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if WVU comes into the Fieldhouse and hands another beat down to KU.

    I so hope I’m wrong.

  • We played scared…frantic. Our shots were hurried…our perimeter defense sucked. This group of guys has never handled defensive pressure very well, imo. We lost a game we should’ve won. So what? We play TCU Saturday, then the Pokies, Tea Sippers, Clones, then the dreaded Mildcats. We can’t do anything about losing to the Hillbillies except put our best foot forward, come ready to play every game, and execute the way we know this team is capable of playing.

  • @DoubleDD Agree. How we lost stinks. How we respond will be important. I think we will respond positively…and I am basing that on history. We have had similar loses before. I think we will be out for blood when they come to AFH. Last year, if I recall right, they gave us fits in AFH, but it was because they shot really well…Miles, I think, was unconscious. It will take that from them again to beat us in AFH, in my opinion.

  • @DoubleDD I’ve never understood, how guys, like yourself that someone like me is making excuses for Ku losing how’s that. I was simply passing conversation PERIOD. Why do you feel the need to automatically think I was trying to make an excuse for Ku losing? that’s funny., you see don’t try and assume what I’m thinking , all I was doing once again was passing a score along, if anything pointing out that it is HARD to win on the road no matter who you are or where your at period. Dam I love how this world has some people who think they know everything about how people think. THERE is no excuse, if you would I guess obviously YOU DIDN’T I made no excuse the excuse for Ku in that game? they got their ass handed to them on a platter that’s it, no excuse, now is that better for you? ya you’ve rattled my chain their buddy, I guess someone can’t come and make comments about another team, pass conversation on something they have seen with out it being an excuse huh? that’s what you telling me- - -that’s pretty sad. The excuse for KU? like I said Ku better be ready to bring it, EVERY NIGHT your getting everyones best shot. Now I can make some flimsy ass excuse like so many in here try and do say like ummm- - - - -oh I don’t know like maybe OH those dam refs calling everything against us, home cookin- - -ya that’s excuses. bottom line winners win and losers makes excuses. have a great day. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG

  • @jayballer54 did you not get your morning coffee?

    Kidding man. Just me poking the bear with a short stick.

  • @JRyman hey guy, I know, your pretty good, I don’t drink coffee lo, never acquired a taste for it, but on a serious note, I’m not gonna let someone just automatically try and assume things, he/she who ever couldn’t have been futher off. Has no idea, I never have, never will make excuses for these guys, again I was just more then anything else trying to pass conversation, but to try and insinuate that possibly making excuses, gets me riled, they wanna make a comment like that then go after the whiners, the ones that always try to find reason other then the REAL reason we get beat, a lot of people will always try to find an excuse, here . you have a great day JRyman is a good excuse they want one. WEST VIRGINIA scored more points then we did how’s that? roflmao, no your cool, like your posts, some in here have issues with me and that’s cool they find me offensive, rash, blunt short tempered, don’t like it when I don’t agree, then they in turn and do/say the same things they don’t like me for. But you know what? I’ll continue to post, and I’ll sleep just fine. You have a great day J Ryman, and as always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Roght there with you man.

    Don’t insisted what you think I know or doesn’t know. Don’t tell me what I’m thinking. Don’t tell me I can’t comprehend what you are saying. And never assume anything about me. You know what they say when you assume. You make an a$$ out of u and me.

    I try and lighten things up as some people take these boards to seriously. Some people don’t like my opinions. They are mine so O don’t care. I can agree with people and disagree with them too. I don’t believe in just one way of thinking. Definitely don’t like to be told how to think.

    Stay good my friend. Stay you!

  • @JRyman agreed. Life is to short to be so dam serious al the time, I too like yourself try to lighten things, was always known as the class clown in High School, got myself in some real trouble at schools sometimes because of it lol, I learned real quick here, that a lot NOT ALL but a lot of these people have no idea how to take a jab,or joke or just try and be light mannered take things in stride, laugh live life to the fullest when I thought would be kinda fun light hearted to say what I did about Wayne breaking his leg. OMG you would of thought I had committed or threatened the president or treason or something, I was thingking holly shit ARE YOU SERIOUS? I mean anyone who is anyone would of realized that , it was a joke, a prank, but instead I think about half you need to call 911 for an ambulance. DAM these people need to lighten up ya know? then this last night, nothing more then passing conversation on sport topics/people, so as a side note on Phillips, I thought I would throw the score about Duke being beat, not knowing if anyoneelse had caught the score, and as trying to show, let people also realize that it is just plain hard to win on the road, no matter who you are, what league your in what everr the case, and BAM now I’m one that’s trying to make excuses for KU losing- - - ARE YOU FRICKING SERIOUS?. but it’s all good, I’m gonna keep posting, people like it, don’t like it, I don’t give a rat’s ass you know what I’m saying? Once again all they have to do if they don’t like me for what I post, or my opinions, views- - - Simple solution- - -you see my screen name on a topic- - - -DON’T OPEN IT and read it, scroll on past to the next one easy right? It’s ok JR, you stay who you are to, you and I will be just fine, guess we are rebels lol. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @DoubleDD Who stated that another team’s loss justifies a KU loss? The point being made is that other good teams lose. Maryland, ISU, and Miami all lost on Tuesday and Duke lost last night. Good teams lose. No college team has gone undefeated since 1976. What doesn’t make sense to me is how this is a difficult concept to understand.

    More than a few people on this site stated that this was a game that we could lose. Why did these people think that? It was because of the WVU press which ate us alive the other night. The loss was a team effort by both players and coaches.

    I’ll wait and see what happens over the next few weeks before I write off this season.

  • @sfbahawk once again, WE ALL KNOW LOSSES HAPPEN. I have never thought any of our recent teams were going undefeated. The fact that we were dominated in several areas when WVU didn’t even play well along with no hint of any in game adjustments from Self with this being a talented and experienced was very disappointing. Do you think we were doing fine and didn’t need any adjustments? This will be a lesson for them to not be scared by the defensive pressure and be tougher. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

  • @sfbahawk Thank you, I know for sure I wasn’t trying to justify a loss, once AGAIN I was trying to point out the same thing you just pointed out, I was passing conversation, the whole post initially was about Lawrence Phillips committing suicide, but then I just seen the score of Duke scroll across the bottom, so as a side note I thought I would let people know, but sure the hell wasn’t trying to use them to justify a KU loss, but thanks for pointing out to him, glad to see others feel the same. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @sfbahawk “I’ll wait and see what happens over the next few weeks before I write off this season.”

    If you want our guys to not give up, then you shouldn’t, either. This loss SUCKS. We were soft and weak, and frazzled- we looked terrible. So terrible, in fact, it will serve as the exact tonic our team needs for motivation for a long time. Don’t give up right before the getting gets good, because I assure you it is going to get very good.

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    It is true you commented on the score of the game and then:

    @sfbahawk Says, " Back up the truck and empty his office. Coach K is finished. Duke will probably never win another game."

    I would presume this was an sarcastic comment on those posters that feel Coach got out coached in the WVU game, and is missing the boat when it comes to how this team should play.

    @jayballer54 Says, “lmao, ya think? love seeing Duke lose, I guess we aren’t the only team to lose on the road huh?”

    Maybe I’m wrong but a comment of “Laughing my a@@ off, ya think?” means that you concur with the posters assessment. Now if you just posted lmao then that could have been taking a few different ways, but you followed Imao with “ya think” and then “I guess we aren’t the only team to lose on the road huh?” lending one to believe you concur with the posters view on the issue.

    My intent wasn’t to make you out to be nothing, merely trying to digest what was been posted.

    Not sure how we got on the making excuses for KU losing? Of course there are excuses. No I think you @sfbahawk and @jayballer54 are missing my point? Every time KU loses some one all ways posts hey this team lost and their not questioning their coach, and so on. KU fans aren’t like Duke, UK, and UNC fans, we actually know the game and are not afraid to engage in the conversation of it.

    Also I wasn’t being mean. Merely said it never made any sense to me to compare other teams in that way. However in the spirit of this board I more than happy to apologize of I’ve offended you

  • @DoubleDD he was being sarcastic, to which I followed it up with more sarcasm had NOTING, NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL concerning KU not from me anyways, and yes I do love to see Duke lose I will go to my death bed loving to see Duke lose, I did concur with his " sarcasm, Well was we the only team to lose on the road? and how in the hell is that making up an excuse for KU losing? If they lose, and suck when they lose I’m gonna say KU sucked, that’s not an excuse that’s a FACT plain and simple, I will never try an make excuse. Excuses are for losers, winners win and losers always try and find excuses for losing other then the real excuse period.Don’t need an apology, I’m not offended I’ll continue to post, some can understand sarcasm, light hearted statement others not so much, don’t worry about it, i’ll make myself a little more plain next time…Ok having said that here we go- - - NOT trying to makes excuses, AGAIN NOT MAKING EXCUSES, this is just side conversation ok, everyone understand this? Michigan State is getting their ass beat by Iowa on their home floor. this is for conversation only. have a great night ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    I understand where you’re coming from, and I’m not in anyway projecting that you should stop posting. In fact I enjoy your posts.

    I’m also not accusing anyone of making excuses for KU losing.

    Yet Duke losing to Clemson has no bearing on KU’s recent lost. Saying well this team or that team lost is no way bears in meaning or truth in why KU laid a stinker of a game.

    The Great Wizard once said, not in these exact words. “It’s doesn’t matter what our opponents do it’s what we do before the game and in the game that will decide the outcome”.

    Rumor is one time the Wizard gave his game plan to the opposing coach and said good luck on stopping us.

    Like I said, I never understood why some think that another team loses a road game or that game that somehow that justifies KU losing.

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a level headed KU fan, because I think they should never lose. In fact I have dreams and hopes that one day KU will just run the table all the way to greatness. Level headed KU and basketball fans conclude what UCLA accomplished can never be duplicated again.

    Not me.

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