Bringing Reality Back to College Basketball

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    In so many ways KU is the Birthing place of the game Basketball. After all it’s inventor was indeed KU’s first basketball coach. KU is also the birthing place of coaching. As Mister Allen is dubbed the father of coaching. KU is also the home of many great players but also the home to the best player ever to lace-em up. The Wilt far exceeds the stories that are told. KU is not just college basketball but it is basketball.

    In the 100 years or so of basketball the game has changed many times. Nobody understands these changes better than @jaybate-1.0. The game changed when players were able to dribble the ball. The game changed when a shot clock was introduced. The game changed when the three point line was introduced. Schemes and strategies on how to play the game have changed disappeared and evolved. Yes even the talent level has changed with times.

    The OAD era of basketball has flipped college basketball upside down. I would make the argument that this new era has hurt the game, yet that is a discussion for another time. Defend it, loath it, and even twist it if you will. The OAD era is here to stay for now.

    So what is a coach like Bill Self to do. He cut his teeth on the old and even classic ways of coaching and running a team. A way that rewarded experience and veteran play. A way that breathed pay your dues son, and your time will come. Yet overnight the world has changed. No longer is the system or the tried and true the formula to success. Over night teenagers are becoming millionaires, and loyal employees are being passed over for the flavor of the month. No longer are kids expected to stay 4 years at school get and education and pay their dues. No the top talent of today can demand playing time before they even step one foot on campus.

    What is a coach in today’s game supposed to do? Coaching is like any other job. Perform poorly and you’ll be out of a job. When your job requires talent to win and keep your job. What is a coach supposed to do?

    All KU fans love Coach, but even with that love, success is paramount. Look no further than after the MSU loss, how many fans (myself included) were chirping that maybe a change is needed. (Though in my defense I was drunk as hell and acts like a little pussy that can’t handle his emotions when KU loses). So what is coach to do?

    Understand something about Coach. He’s loves the game of basketball and everything about it. He loves practices, and the teaching of the game. I believe Coach revels in making average players good to great players. He loves the history of the game, the tradition of the game. That is why I feel he’d never leave KU for another college program not even the school he went to and graduated from OSU. You see KU is Coach and Coach is KU. Yet what is Coach a man that loves the game like he does supposed to do? How does he stay successful yet remain true to the principles he cut his teeth on.?

    Well the answer maybe the Inglorious Bastards. Coach is between in a rock an a hard place. He’s has to play the top talent or fear losing any chance of recruiting future top talent. Yet as who he is as a person and coach. He has to reward those players that have paid their dues and stuck it out through the thick and thin. I believe Coach learned something in the WUG’s. I believe something was reveled to him. A way to stay loyal to who he is as a coach yet stay successful in todays game. A game where every coach is all in, on playing their top talent no matter what.

    @HighEliteMajor you’re a brilliant student of the game, but this maybe the moment in history were Coach changes how the game is played. This maybe where Coach brings reality back to the game we all love. This maybe that moment where Coach brings back coaching to the game. Instead of just putting the best talent on the court, and sitting back like a fan and watching. (like Cal).

    Coach is opened up the trey land for business, but his biggest change is going to the bench and using the depth he has. It’s a win/win.

    1. He’s plays both is young talent and his older talent. Meaning star studded kids are getting playing time and he is rewarding those kids that paid their dues.

    2. Not only having a deep bench but playing them makes KU hard to prepare for. As opposing teams never now what to expect.

    3. Playing bench players gives much needed experience. They wont just be talented players but players with talent and experience which not only helps this year but next year as well.

    4. Playing your deep bench gives the overall team more fouls to play with, which means KU can play a whole game with the pedal to the metal. They can maintain an aggressive style of play.

    5. Playing to your depth means you can play many styles and schemes of the game. As of to date KU can play any style the opposing team wants to play. Really KU has no weakness right now.

    6. Also the depth will allow KU’s key players to be rested and not have to have herculean efforts every night. KU will also be able to avoid unnecessary injuries caused by fatigue. I also believe this will be the cure for KU"s recent woes in the tourney.

    7. The most important is Coach will be able to be who he is as a coach, and be successful. He’ll play his top talent, which will help recruiting, and still be loyal to his players that paid their dues. He can be the teacher of the game that he is.

    I could be wrong, but I think coach is really onto something here.

    Time will tale.

  • @DoubleDD

    Nice serve!

    Self teaches thinking next to his players.

    He lives his gospel.

    Next includes both extending what works from the past with what new can be innovated.

    The greatest architects still work with foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors and windows after thousands of years of human building.

    There are some basics and fundamentals that cannot be done without and some innovations that can be added, or discarded, or altered.

    Some innovations can only occur once, because of rare circumstance.

    Others become new normals, because their conditions recur.

    And it all happens subject to conditions of a period.

    And then times and conditions change periodically.

    The universe is a catalogue of what works.

    And what once did.

    And what could.

    If only we pay attention and try to get better.

  • @DoubleDD The only spot we are slightly vulnerable at is PG. We lose Frank or Devonte’ to something and we’ve got a hole to fill.

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