• Kentucky beat Duke at the beginning of the year. Pundits began talking about UK and KU right after the Champions tourney. Since that time, KU has gone on a tear, # 1 ranking, and everyone’s Final Four pick.

    Now, Kentucky has gone on the road against three unranked teams, good teams, but unranked. UCLA, Ohio State and LSU. They have lost all three of those games and do not look anything like the team that beat Duke.

    As a Jayhawk fan, I’m somewhat torn between wanting Kentucky to be a powerful, highly ranked powerhouse coming into Allen Fieldhouse and the pleasure of watching the Kitties looking overwhelmed on the road.

    I don’t see 150 points, I picture this game as being more like the UNC game in the Final Four. My prayer is that KU, OU, WVU and ISU are put in Brackets where all four could end up in the Final Four.

  • I don’t care if Kentucky is ranked highly or whatever, it’ll feel good to beat them. We weren’t very good last year when they beat us, but the way they acted, their fans more specifically, they’d just beat a national champ.

  • @wissoxfan83 We as fans just have to be careful about this game, YES it’s in Allen where we are pretty much to solid impossible to beat, but still we just CAN’T assume and take for absolute granted, that we will beat Kentucky. I still feel it will be a very high intense game and feel it will be a pretty close game, combination of things as to why. The possibility of the players be OVER AMPHED UP trying to meet fans expectations of this game, these players read these sites plus others, they hear what’s being said people saying how they just want to kick the crap out of Kentucky, and this stuff gets into players heads as they want to try and give us what we want to hard and try doing things that maybe they don’t or aren’t normally comfortable with, try to hard, then you get a turnover here, a turnover there, a missed shot here, a missed shot there, put that with Kentucky is going to be amphed up playing in allen, chances are we will be the higher ranked team, that will play in their favor for this, our home court win streak more then likely will be in tact. Kentucky would love to come in and snap that, on top of that Kentucky would love to give Coach Self his 10th loss at Allen, not saying that their coaches will be telling them these things, but those players will know.Not saying we WILL get beat by any means, but to say it will be a ass kickin or rout- - - just don’t think that’s gonna happen, that’s why they play the game, I would love to see this game in person, you thought it was loud for the Oklahoma game? wait till the 30th it’s going to be insane ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @wrwlumpy I root against UK every time they play simply because I want to see KU take over the lead for all times wins during Bill’s tenure as coach. Sooner the better in my opinion! Roy helped KU on the road to overtaking UNC for second place and Bill finished it off. Last time I checked, it is a realistic goal for KU (and Bill) if UK continues these up one year and down the next type seasons and the Jayhawks keep humming along like a relatively well oiled machine.

  • @kansas-oats was gonna say the same thing. Every UK loss puts us one game closer to that all time W record. Not to mention that after every UK loss, an angel gets its wings.

  • dam guys, I try now to post a new topic and it won’t let me post. I click on new topic and it won’t do anything. Anybody know what might be wrong? ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @wrwlumpy I’m not going to pile on the Mildcats…I don’t want to pick on someone weaker than us…

  • @KUSTEVE I’ll gladly pick on UK in your honor. KU will demolish them. It wont be close. It will be louder than the OU game. And I will laugh at Kentucky the whole time. It will be great.

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