Well guys, whats to say

  • dam, what a game, whatcha goona say? I mean actually a pretty complete game - --total. We continue to play like this, gonna be a tough out for anybody against us PERIOD. Baylor allowing 40.4 fg % Ku today- - - 54%. Baylor allowing 31.1 3pt fg% for season Ku today- - - 58%. Baylor came in almost a plus 5 out reounding over us Ku today- - wins the boards, Baylor, leads nation in assists, today Baylor- -9,- - -Ku 19. Ku turnovers today- - 9, - - third game in a row single digit turnovers. Ku 19-23 free throw line. Complete game, Seems everybody played well. Bragg played well while he was in, Diallo I thought played well while he was in. Mickelson played really well, the whole team. If you really want to nit-pick the 1 thing you might complain about- - -getting beat off the dribble drive down the lane, still way to much penetration down the lane. but hey I’m happy. should be great game Monday night. and as always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • It was one of the most pleasant games to watch in years. I really liked how Hunter played today - he reminded me of Withey!

    Graham, Mason, and Selden are definitely championship caliber guards, and the best three since Chalmers, Rush and Robinson in 08.

    Really glad that Self kept an open mind in allowing more dribble drive, run and gun action instead of throwing it inside. Baylor had no way to defend all the action and was helpless. I think the reason they stayed within 15 in the first half was because Hunter got two quick fouls. I know I sound like a broken record, but kudos to Self for making the adjustment and starting Hunter next to Perry. Even though he doesnt have the potential of Diallo, Hunter impacts the game in so many ways and is so much like Withey, only he is faster. I think that we could get to the Final Four with Mickelson, if he stays out of foul trouble.

  • @DinarHawk

    There is big difference between potential and actual development that seems to get lost on some people. Coach Self’s job is to put together the best product he can and win games for KU and the more experienced players give the team a better chance than the potentially better but yet undeveloped younger players,

    Do Diallo and Bragg have more potential than Mickelson, Lucas and Traylor? Yes.

    Do Diallo and Bragg have a higher ceiling than Mickelson, Lucas and Traylor? No doubt.

    Do Diallo and Bragg have more athleticism than Mickelson, Lucas and Traylor? Absolutely.

    Will Diallo and Bragg eventually play in the NBA while Mickelson, Lucas and Traylor likely end up playing overseas? Probably

    Are Diallo and Bragg CURRENTLY better players than Mickelson, Lucas and Traylor and give KU a better chance? Absolutely not…hopefully in time but not right now.

  • Big 12 video highlights with some at the beginning that we didn’t get to see.


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