It's 2016

  • Since I don’t have an X’s and O’s reason for why KU will win it all this year, there’s this.

    1940 Election year, lost championship game.

    1952 Election year, won Championship

    1988 Election year, won championship

    2008 Election year, won championship

    2012 Election year, lost championship

    2016 Election year…

    Throw in 2004, also an election year in which we lost an elite 8 game we should have won, well, I know I’m on to something with this election year stuff.

    But I also believe that if Cheick and Bragg stay around, as does Wayne, we are really primed for a spectacular 2016-17 season. So I’ll take that too!

    I’ve sometimes wondered if a very successful season at KU means we lose a bunch of older players because they graduate means we must reload. Self’s highly demanding system and preference for older players means we must go 3-4 years, ie, an election cycle, before we are in position to win another title.

    So here’s to our next national title. With the prospects for November election wise, a championship will be the highlight of the year!

  • @wissoxfan83

    Super idea for a post.


    Damn, wouldn’t it have been sweet to have won that 2012 thing and have kept the streak a live!!!

    Let us restart it this election year.

  • And let’s hope we make it through this year without a false flag attack to shape the outcome of the election.

  • @jaybate-1.0 If you think about it, UConn’s championships were cyclical too. They didn’t repeat anything, but '99, '04, '11, '14 means they reloaded, and took senior laden teams to the ring. I think we’ve got something like that going on as well.

  • @wissoxfan83

    Oooooh, I can’t stand any relation to Calhoun (Ollie is an LB guy, so ok), but it’s a high correlation small n comparison that tracks with a coherent logic, and so justifies further quatitative research. 😄

    The long history of college hoops has long evidenced core classes being attracted and moving down an assembly line to mature bodies, skill sets and minds (full neural net grow in, once broken hearts in romance, dealing with exploitative media, and experience under the grind of a long season and the pressure of big games) and being combined with a few young players late in the core class’ cycle of eligibility to yield a vintage season or two, followed by an attraction of a new core class and a repetition of the cycle.

    The OAD system has eroded and blurred the cycle but it still operates some at schools unable to get regular OAD dump truck service.

    Even at schools with regular OAD dump truck service, there is a new analogous cycle emerging. The teams with the most OADs turned into 2ADs (for many possible reasons) combined with a full dump truck load of new OADs, become by March among the toughest teams to beat. These OAD driven programs seem to have an every two year cycle emerging.

    These cycles–whether the short ones at OAD dump truck schools, or the longer ones at non-dump truck programs–are tendentious patterns subject to a lot of injuries and players failing to pan out though, so they are not highly probable to play out at maximum strength amplitude.

    To beat this horse fully to death. 😄.

  • @wissoxfan83 Not only election years but those are also leap years.

    Must be that one extra day of practice that pushes the guys just that much more???

  • @JRyman I think you’re onto something!

  • @wissoxfan83 I couldnt agree more with your theory!! Its like clockwork. Every 4 years KU has an absolute beast of a season.

  • @Lulufulu Now if we could figure out how to make it happen at the mid term elections too, then we’d be sitting pretty!

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