Why Self Would Probably Like to Shorten C5

  • I am not saying he should shorten C5, but it finally occurred to me why he may want to.

    Self is doing some pretty clever substituting to get these double doubles.

    Maybe he doubts he can keep this up.

    Maybe Self figures the top opposing coaches are going to figure out his substitution pattern and figure out how to counter substitute.

    Maybe the magician knows the vulnerability of the C5 trick best.

    Whatever, it’s been a damned good trick so far.

    Double doubles every game.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Another reason – again, assuming that a NC is the focus (@ParisHawk got me thinking there though) – no team has won a national title in recent memory with such a deep post rotation. Really, it’s unheard of.

  • @HighEliteMajor It is unheard of. Even Kentucky last year didnt have the post depth we have right now. I just hope Coach can keep it going because its working! Dont fix it if it aint broke.

    One more month til the beat down.

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