Seriously, Who Called KU No.1 in January with Bragg and Diallo Playing <15 MPG?

  • Self is doing it again. He is finding a way to win that is not in the books. He is playing 2 point guards simultaneously, going without a backup for either point guard, playing a 2 at the 3, a 3 at the 4, 5 guys at the 5, taking only 16-17 3 PTAs per game with the best trinitarians in the country, guarding 7-6 guys with 6-7 guys, and getting photographed in brands of clothing he is not contracted with.

    It’s who he is.

    And KU will be Number 1.

    The gloves are off on weird here, people.

    KU has not just left the program.

    It has left the mainframe the program ran in.

    Oh, it looks like basketball, alright.

    People are running in shorts and sneakers.

    Bob Davis’ lips are moving.

    National media are hyping lousy big market teams.

    The cheer leaders are still desirable to old men.

    But all other parallels with basketball reality as we once knew it are over.

    Aside from the healed blemish of having been beaten by RATSO, the record is perfect.

    The team has systematized doing things differently.

    They are like magicians with 40 minutes of new tricks.

    They show up, do the tricks quickly, and move on before anyone sees through the illusions.

    In the kingdom of the blind, Self’s bunch of Harry Houdinis keeps making opponents disappear.

    We can talk Xs and Os, and Multiple Offense 2.0, and faster tempo, more experience and depth, and so on, but really this is basketball Citizen Kane stuff. Orson Self.

    We and other basketball coaches are under the spell of a master illusionist.

    No one really knows how the hell he is doing this trick.

    Not yet.

    Seriously, who called KU Number 1 in January with Bragg and Diallo playing <15 mpg?

  • Seems as tho it took forever for Hunter Mick to arrive; but that is a big part of this new Jayhawk Package. Amazes me, the slow tedious process for most talented freshmen to adjust to Winning Division 1 Basketball… As with freshman Ben Simmons at LSU, spectacular NBA lottery futures can be built from their immediate impact. But at what cost to their collegiate teams, in the W/L columns? At this juncture, it is satisfying that Bill Self and his current squad can post steady victories while gradually developing Bragg, Diallo, Vick. Gotta hope they, too, arrive in time to help this team ascend to trophy moments.

  • Well I’m behind Coach 100% I don’t really care how he does it, as long as we continue to win like we do yr after yr then cool, I mean as far as Cheick, ya I would love to see him with more time BUT all we see is game time and wonder WHY is he not playing him more? Well for one Coach gets to see him day in & day out not just on game night and using a lot of what we’ve heard he was surpose to be like, again the kid is very, very, very raw shows glimpse of you just know like look out, but then he shows ALOT of that bewildered look like ummmm what am I surpose to do, where am I surpose to be, Coach see’s his production every day in practice, you have to bring it every day practice included not just game time, and I’m not saying he doesn’t but he still is raw, and he is behind just like was mentioned during the game by the commentators thanks to the NCAA which thanks again you jerks, but it is awfully hard to agrue about Coaching ability and or thinking or how he does things when the guy is 196-9 at Allen since he has been here 98-4 against non con at Allen since he has been here and 365-79 overall and won 11 straight big 12 titles and a National Championship, kind of hard to battle that, bring any thing against those kinds of records. Oh sure we cal all sit back and say well he should of won more National titles, - - -ya? what school doesn’t say that? all schools would love to win the title almost yearly but ummm, that’s easier said then done, a lot of things go into play for that to happen. How is the team playing at the time of the NCAA’S, injuries play into it as we well know, what team is on a roll, no matter how good you are, it only takes 1 bad game in the NCAA’S and your done, in a lot of those games if we were to play best of 3 or best of 5 we would win, but this is 1 game looking forward to the big 12 race. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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