To Do List While Waiting for March Madness To Get Cured by April, Which Could Be the Cruelest Month if Russia and Western Central Bankers Can't Work Out Who Will Own the Tran Eurasian Super Corridor

  • Buy some land in Southwest Oregon where there are no military bases to be targeted by Russian ICBMs, but not close to where the Trans Pacific fiber optic cable comes ashore, which will be targeted.

    Read up on conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.

    Read up on false flag terror attacks admitted to by officials of states.

    Buy a six year supply of Badoit bottled water because it goes better with MREs than Perrier.

    Buy insurance against insurance failing to pay off in a nuclear exchange.

    Build a solar cell powered electric motor sailor trimaran capable of staying at sea for three years.

    Re-memorize all the verses of “Its a Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall.”

    Buy two dozen sets of back up strings for the old Martin D-body.

    Buy and deeply bury 150 filled and sealed propane tanks for the Weber Smoke’n’Grill.

    Buy two back up Weber Smoke’n’grills.

    Order ten gross of Ex Officio travel underwear for use in a barter economy.

    Buy up two shipping container loads of pornographic magazines for use in a barter economy.

    Buy a new Stihl Chain Saw, a cutting torch, and a Stihl concrete cutter capable of sawing up building rubble.

    Raise and up armor the old F250 power stroke.

    Learn how in the hell to make the new Grundig Sattelit all-band radio work run on wood chips and manure pellets.

    Get the hell outta Dodge.

    (Note: All fiction. No malice.)

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