Anteaters Pose Credible Threat

  • Size inside and a former NBA assistant coach define a team that returns from making it to the second round of the Madness last season.

    The Anteaters also hold opponents to a slightly lower Ppg than Self’s D-Hawks.

    Self will relish turning this into a defensive struggle!

    He might even be sucked into it when he shouldn’t.

    Beware pride.

    The Anteaters have the size to release three to get back on defense each possession and turn this into a grind game.

    Unless KU is hitting treys, this could turn into an epic Bad Ball slog!

    Getting their bigs fouled up is job 1.

    KU will try to hurry, when it can, but can it with three safeties and no rebounds?

    The big Q is will UCI give the Trey and reduce KUs inside percentage to the mid .300s or guard the Trey and block and alter us on the drive?

    I would Give KU the Trey, hope we are off, and completely shut us off inside.

    Time to buckle the chin strap Frank. You are going inside tonight.

  • “Self will relish turning this into a defensive struggle!”

    I’d relish a tidy 83-64 win. You know, the kind where Self says we only look good because we’re making shots.

  • I agree, going to be really really hard to get anything inside, going to have to depend on the 3. Although not as worried when I read for all their height only outrebounding their opponents by 1.5 rebounds per game, can’t imagine anyone in college coming close to their size so only 1.5 more- - - not impressive, have to get out in transition run , run, run pop the 3 hope we are on wear the big men down, a lot of the wins- - -not impressive Norfolk state Grand Caynon State somebody on other site was mentioning that their big 7ft 6 man matched up on Perry- - - ummm don’t believe that’s going to happen for 1 fully believe he is a 5 nothing but a 5 which means he would be on Hunter, Landon, Carlton, Cheick nu 2 was mentioned they zone well if they zone he sure the hell isn’t matching Perry, the way we have moved the ball for most of the year, we on the 3 ball we will KILL THEM. I would LOVE to see the 7ft 6 guy try to guard Perry out on the floor Perry should be all over that, drive right by him or spot and shoot the 3 and or dish by pulling him away from the basket I think we will be ok but will be a challenge. Another poster, not here another site said they stink, lets hope our guys don’t take that approach. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Lol! Me too. We need a fool’s gold game!!!

  • @jayballer54

    For sure their sort of size will reveal how many members of Composite 5 like the adversity of playing against much bigger guys. Fight in the dog, if you will. Self needs to know that for conference play.

    Interestingly, Jamari is the most used to the struggle, so counter intuitive as it may seem, he might fare better than some of the guys that have never been 6 to 12 inches shorter before.

    This is what makes the kinds of games so interesting.

  • I’m nervous about this game. I certainly hope Marmaduke doesn’t step on Devonte like Josh Smith did last year.

  • @KUSTEVE great minds, jethro and I

    @Makeshift lets just hope he doesn’t step on anybody, see DG vs josh smiths foot!



  • @jaybate-1.0 I think we will probably see maybe Landon playing some more tonight maybe start, if for nothing else height and bulk gonna be interesting, we all know NO WAY is Carlton going to be able to stop that he is just not bulk enough get pushed around backed down and I’m afraid same with Cheick although I know they will play ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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