• Tonight, Andrew Wiggins became the 6th youngest player in NBA History to reach 2,000 career points! With this steal & dunk #kubball Kobe, LBJ, Melo, Howard, KD.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I still do not expect Wigs to really turn it on until his second contract, when the big money rains. The first contract is only slightly more important than playing at KU. Same deal. He has to hit a few marks to make it rain. He hit one you mentioned.

    This is all bidness for Wigs.

  • Did you all see where Withey has gotten 2 starts for the Jazz and had 11pts and 12reb in 20 or so minutes last night? I am happy for him!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thats some pretty damm good company there. Way to go Wiggs!!

    If I have to pick on something, I would like to see Wiggs raise his PER at least 8 points. He does this and he becomes an All Star.

  • As impressive as it is “youngest” is not a good standard for ranking how fast a player scored 2000 points.

    Kobe, Howard and LBJ all were in the NBA at age 18. Melo, KS and Wiggins are all OADs.

    Kareem sat his freshman year and played three at UCLA after that. How many games did it take him to score 2000?

    MJ played three years at UNC before leaving early. How many games did he take to score 2000?

    Wilt? Russell? Maravich? Bird? And the list could go on.

    I just wish they would use the number of games to rank these achievements and not date of birth. That skews it to different andwers.

    Any how Congrats to Mr. Wiggins

  • @Crimsonorblue22 wow that’s incredible! he’s definitely going to reach and surpass the superstardom of The Truth. Just a matter of time before he leads Minny to a title. Just needs a few more pieces around him

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