• I am sure Coach Self appreciates the KU Fan Base. I am also sure he makes countless appearances and does random acts of kindness that we will probably never hear about. The way I see him, he is probably there for former student athletes going back to his coaching days at ORU, Tulsa, and Illinois.

    Coach Self, in my opinion is doing an excellent job. There is no way he can win a National Championship every year. I want to take this opportunity as a way to say thanks for trying and putting an excellent team on the court year after year. 11 consecutive Big XII Championships is an amazing feat. Thanks! One National Championship and another Championship Game appearance. Let me just say that I have enjoyed every year that you have been the coach at the University of Kansas. Every year may not have turned out as you have hoped, but I am thankful that you are the Coach and grateful for all your efforts. Happy Birthday Coach Self!

  • Awesome post! Couldn’t have said it better . . . except 2 National Championships. LOL Happy B-Day CS, and to a successful ending to 2016!

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