My game thoughts and musings and amusings

  • Ok, so others expertly provide their X’s and O’s type of wrap ups on the game. I’m not qualified like they are so I just have to throw in my humble (silent H) little infantile thoughts on what happened last night.

    The play of the game. SDSU is making us sweat. We have been outscored 16-4 in the 2nd half. We can’t make a shot, we’ve turned it over about 5 times. They’re highlight reel dunking on us. The laid back southern California crowd is actually into it, and then this from the play by play:

    13:23 Wayne Selden Jr. makes a 27-foot three-pointer. DAGGER. Wayne saddled with 2 new rules fouls in the first half provides the spark to get us back on track. We never really sweat after that shot.

    Cheick’s two turnaround jumpers had “potential” written all over them.

    Our defense seemed especially stout last night.

    We are 4-0 in western time zones this year.

    Perry can carry our Verry good team like he did in the first half.

    The missed bunny monster seemed to strike our team during stretches last night that had me thinking back to last year.

    Svi, welcome back to KU for your junior year of college.

    IF common sense prevails we should have a very nice team next year as well.

    Got to watch the game with my KU roomie and his family who are all KU fans. Usually it’s just me and my virtual friends here. Sorry, lady and fellas, but it’s really better watching with friends!!

    I’m not smart enough to figure out if we are good enough to make good teams look bad, or if we are just better than bad teams. I think SDSU is just an average team and we are so good that we make average look bad.

    Devonte Graham is going to leave KU as one of my favorite Jayhawks ever. I just really like the way he plays.

    A shooting slump for this team is shooting 42% on 3’s. That number represents how good we’ve got it this year.

  • @wissoxfan83 Thanks for posting. I think you pretty much nailed it, from my perspective. I’m looking forward to conference play to see how we stack up with Oklahoma, Baylor and Iowa State.

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