Would UK Be Better, or Worse, If Diallo and Skal Were starting?

  • Diallo makes KU much better because he complements the Franken Five and we don’t have to rely on him except situationally.

    But Cal would have to start him with Skal and play him the same 15-20 mpg as Skal.

    My hunch is UK would be worse.


  • Well at THIS particular point and time, I too feel at best would NOT be any better, cause until Cheick learns how to be able to stay on the floor with out fouling he would do absolutely no good for them, at this point there is no way he cam come close to staying on the floor for 15-20 without getting into foul trouble, but then again if he was at UK I wouldn’t care because its UK lol. ROCK CHA;LK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Skal is having big issues. In the lasts 5 games he has played 91 minutes or 18mpg, has shot 6-19 or 0.32, has 12 rebound or 2.4 rpg, 20 points or 4 ppg and 16 fouls or 3.2 fpg. Diallo probably has better numbers. At this rate, Labissiere is playing himself out of the lottery and might need an extra year.

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