The Most Important Take Away from the Disembowelling of the Grizzlies: Wayne's Concentration Still Comes and Goes

  • Wayne Selden’s concentration comes and goes, like the glow of a lightening bug at night.

    When it surges on, it is beautiful to behold.

    When it fades off, Wayne becomes hard to see in the darkness.

    Let Pastor jaybate 1.0 now lead the flock in a short basketball prayer…

    Almighty Basketball God, in scoreboard heaven, where the home team always wins, even inspite of apparent earthly recruiting embargos and asymmetric refereeing, we thank thee with all of our humble, mortal hearts and minds for allowing Wayne to get one of his low concentration games out of his system against a cupcake, instead of against a Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, or Iowa State. Please, dear merciful Basketball God, let Wayne have all the rest of his low concentration games against cup cakes, or against cellar dwellers, or against 16 seeds in the Madness. Amen.

  • Hmm… I thought Wayne played well. It was his energy and focus, especially defensively, that got us off to the hot start. I think the real gift was his stroke from deep taking its setback against the cupcake in a blow out. But he was locked in early on d and had some nice hustle plays and passes to “crack it open.”

  • @jaybate-1.0 His eyes were just wandering into space at times.

  • We were just so much more talented than Montana. That said, I thought we executed well. It was fun to watch. Lots of good games to watch today…Dook vs. Utah, Nova vs. UVA, UNC vs. UCLA, ND vs. IU, OSU vs. UK. Purdue vs. Butler on right now. It’s a good day when we win and Dook and Kentucky lose.

  • Today is a bad day for referees. Despite their best effort and share of BS calls at critical times, they were unable to help Duke and Kentucky win. However, they are a hardy bunch and the will get up, dust themselves and help tilt a few games in favor of the squid and rat face before the season is over…you just can’t keep biased referees from influencing the final score; you might foil them a few times but in the end they will prevail…

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