Have We Seen Tyler Self's Ceiling? and Other Unexpected Questions

  • Well, have we seen Tyler Self’s ceiling in basketball?

    Speaking of Tyler Self, will he grow a legitimate neck beard before his varsity career is over?

    Does the new KU athletic dorm have bidet toilet seats?

    Will the next bronze statue of a KU great in front of Allen Field House be designed to accommodate a finch nest?

    Does Devonte Graham’s current hair do make it easier (or harder) to balance in head stands ?

    Does Perry Ellis know that his lack of talkativeness almost guaranties he will have a happy marriage to a woman that says she likes men that communicate until they do?

    Is Hunter Mickelson prepared to be called Opie on Steroids by Brent Mussberger on prozac?

    Is it true that Holly Rowe has committed to train under Andrea Hudy to prepare to mud wrestle Britt McHenry?

    Has Cheick Diallo ever considered turning side ways before driving to fool the defender with complete invisibility?

    Has Wayne Selden considered p[aying focused three consecutive games in a row, while wearing gerbil skinned adidas?

    Why can’t Lisa Guerrero be hired to replace Greg Gurley even just for a pico second?

    Was Bill Self abducted by the CIA and reprogrammed to accept 3pt attempts, while tearing off his Rollex to signal clandestine acceptance of an Under Armour contract?

    Will Frank Mason lead KU to a ring and then transfer to Towson State to see if he can become the first point guard to lead an elite major and a mid major to national championships?

    Is Jamari Traylor nicked up to the point that in the post season he will require both hips, both knees, and a heart valve replaced?

    Has Landen Lucas taken up gardening from a window planter instead of learning to shoot a turnaround J?

    Is Carlton Bragg going to martial arts training to get ready to flip Rico Gathers off his spots?

    Is Kurtis Townsend going to start wearing cuff links made from Dick Vitale skin grafts?

    Will Norm Roberts get leg transplants from Manute Bol so that he can better identify with the big men, especially Bol Bol?

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • Tyler seems to have better handles, as well as a new aggressive mindset that allows him to penetrate and make some nifty assists. He’s even connected on a trey or two…

  • @ralster

    Agreed. It’s kind of amazing how far he has come. It is a testament to what opportunity can do for anyone.

  • @ralster a bank 3.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I upvoted just because of the title! Had me lyaughing out loud like an idiot in the office!

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’m not certain about the heart valve replacement, but your other medical queries regarding Jamari might ring true. That kid has tossed his body into some howitzers. Here’s hoping that he retains enough musculoskeletal impact to hold up another season vs. Ridley and Rico.

  • Speaking of Ridley, from the most recent internet photo of the current appearance of Embiid I’d like to see Ridley once again lay his hook on Joel, trying to yank him backwards to the floor!

  • @REHawk from watching the texass unc game, looks like Ridley put back some wt he lost last year. Anyone else notice?

  • @REHawk I’d love to see it too!💪

  • @REHawk

    Embiid is getting up in Wilt country. If he were still mobile, which I hope he will be, he could devastate the NBA right now, with all the dwarf centers they have fooled themselves with. Embiid could almost score at will against a lot of the nano centers in the league right now.

  • @JhawkAlum

    Glad to hear it. It made me laugh out loud, when I thought of it, so I had to post it.

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