• When Devonte went down on a train wreck knee smash, His value to the team became very clear. He is no longer the baby-faced little (bigger) brother. He has taken ownership of the challenge that Self has put in front of him. We cannot lose him like last year for any significent playing time. He is the turbo Hemi that pushes this team to it’s fastest pace since Bill has been here. This is the KU version of Self’s Tulsa team for speed.

    No more baby face.


  • @wrwlumpy you are right he took the challenge given to him and not only accepted it but has probably blew it up.

    Not only does his speed push the offense but puts a lot of pressure on the opposing D. His hands are quick and he is very disruptive on the perimeter.

    That his basketball IQ is tremendous on both sides of the ball. He knows what other guys are to do in certain defensive sets, I saw him grab Bragg a few games back and get him to the right place, maybe it was because Bragg was in his way but still.

    He is becoming the extension of coach on the floor.

  • I like what I’m seeing out of Graham. He is a throwback Bill signing. The type of kid that is in the middle of the pack that he coaches up and gets them o play at a 5 star level. That’s not to discount our one and done guys but guys like Graham, Ellis, TRob, Withey, Releford, etc will always mean more to me because of their length of time in LFK.

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