Loose Balls...The Night Before Harvard

  • UCLA pops UK’s fantasy 87-77. Welcome back to the 6-deep stack, Cal. Eh, don’t cry for me, Lexington…this was nothing more than an off shooting night (UK shot 32% from trey and 38% overall to UCLA’s 53% and 46%). Put it this way: UK only looses to ranked UCLA by 10 on a night when Labissiere gets four early fouls and plays a whopping 16 minutes, while the rest of the team can’t hit the side of a UK booster’s overblown ego.

    Jim Boeheim gets to serve his 9 game suspension sooner, rather than later. Jim is serving 9 games when it should probably 50 to life at hard labor in the perversion penitentiary. This is a very tough call. Who should shoot himself in the eye socket and put himself (and the rest of us basketball fans) out of misery? Boeheim, or Emmert? I pick both. No, its only a game.

    Jay Bilas announces the 68 team Bilas Index which is to basketball prognostication what a prophylactic is to a Great Sperm Whale–a hopeless attempt at containing that which is too big to be contained.

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    Interesting that the NCAA chose not to vacate the 2003 title…yes, that one…even when the violations started in 2002…makes you wonder why…probably the same reason why they are waiting to punish UNC until after the season since it has teams contending in both football and basketball

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