Self Putting a Target on Izzo's Back...GOOD FOR BILL

  • Self has gotten plenty of these poisoned valentines over the years about KU being ranked 1st. Stick it to RATSO, Bill.

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    um Coach lost to MSU and Ratso. Not going to happen. Though I think you’re right. not going to happen.

  • @DoubleDD Whats not going to happen exactly?

    I think the point here is quite simple. Self’s comments about how MSU should be ranked 1st automatically give MSU a nice shiny target on their backs. That absolutely did happen.

  • Self just put some finishing touches on the bullseye…

  • @DoubleDD


    Every one knows Self is going to hunt IZZO down and master beating him. Every great coach has one other good coach that gives him problems for years before figuring out how to crush him. IZZO will fall like a load of virtual manure posts off a destabilization wagon!!

    Self will stay in D1 the rest of his career if he has to to master IZZO. He already almost has him knocked. KU was up 11 shooting 20% from Trey! My prediction is:


    Self will demolish IZZO next meeting!

    And Marsha?

    I can hardly wait for KU to draw straws on who takes Van Vleet to the hurt locker!!!

    Self is relentless at getting better!!!

    This is what makes be a Self fan so fun. It’s like watching a really relentless cat continually corner a mouse. The mouse gets away once in awhile (1.0 - .821 of the time), but sooner or later the cat shreds him to pieces.

    IZZO and Marsha: you’re next.

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    I hope you’re right as I’m getting tired of losing to MSU.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I like it!

  • @DoubleDD

    But you like Self having such a positive edge on other top coaches, right? And Self has beaten IZZO as much as others have beaten IZZO, right?

    Allen had Iba. And Wooden had Newell. And sometimes they never get time to finally figure the tough opponent out. Dean had Wooden’s dust for ten full years before Wooden retired and left the stage to Smith and then Knight.

    But I am confident Self is circling in on Izzo. Tom just does not make many mistakes at all. He is a very, very, VERY good basketball coach.

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