HARVARD CRIMSON - 2:15 p.m. Saturday, ESPN2

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  • I’m gonna get my cah down at Hahvahd yahd

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  • I think Harvard is getting shafted when we play. They have an away game tonight (travel), then they have to travel to KU for Saturdays game. 2 days to prep and do studies all while KU has been home relaxing lol. Its a tough schedule for them compared to KU.

  • Movies about Harvard


  • Entertainers


  • And the really famous Alumni like the Presidents of the United States.


  • Politicians

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  • Fran has another son that plays basketball.

  • Dubya went to Yale, not Harvard?

  • @ParisHawk Harvard Business School. 1975

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  • Ellis waited to sign with KU until after he got accepted to Harvard. I am guessing he will be happy he is on our team this weekend.

  • BG was also accepted and recruited by Harvard.

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    Offensive Guard 200 lbs. 5’11"

    Tommy Lee Jones 1968

  • @Statmachine Let’s spot them 10 points to help out…

  • Let’s not!

  • My boss’s sister is a Harvard educated lawyer. ABSOLUTELY the dumbest person on the planet.

    His sister is OK though…

  • @Statmachine Their away game is with Northeastern in Boston, which is ten minutes away from Harvard Square. 2.8 miles away to be exact. Northeastern last game was with Number 15 Miami Universtiy with Angel Rodriquez. Northeastern won that game.

  • @Statmachine They’re smart kids (Harvard team), I’m sure they’ll figure it out. Stanford did…(yuk, yuk, yuk…)

  • @wrwlumpy While the Fraschilla that plays for Harvard might be smarter, the Fraschilla that played for OU might have been a tough bench guy/practice player, until he encountered 6’5 220lb Jordan Juenemann of KU…

  • @wrwlumpy

    You left out Al “I invented the Internet”, “Love Story was based on my life”, “I will make millions from suckers and global warming” Gore…at least he got 1 out of 3 right…and he is now a millionaire… :D

  • I left him out because he was in the UCLA post as a Graduate student. He was a millionaire long before that. He was also Tommy Lee Jones roommate.

  • If you are an opposing coach how to prepare for a team that has almost 7 guys averaging double figures? I know BG is out BUT HOT DAMN 7 guys averaging double figures? UK didn’t have no where NEAR that last season with their platoon system they rolled out. This team is a coaching nightmare for opposing coaches because there is not a focal point!

  • You try and isolate one or 2 guys and KU will switch gears and go with a different rotation. Its probably not any fun to play against KU this year now that we added another element to clean up our mistakes! Cheick was exactly what we needed so badly the last 2 years!

  • @Statmachine that’s truly what makes watching this team play so much fun. And not so stressful.

    Perry having an off night? Oh wait Wayme will pour in 25.

    Wayne not shooting well? Frank will get to the rack.

    Devonte having a rough night? Jamari and now Cheick will get after that loose ball and dive in the floor.

    There is not a poster child for this teams except the team photo itself. They rely on each other, support each other and most importantly play for each other. Be it the bench guys getting minimal minutes, they give it all or the starters getting it done even on tired legs.

    When the break the huddle they should all yell, “TEAM!”

  • @wrwlumpy

    According to Erich Segal, Tommy Lee Jones was also the real model for Love Story

    Gore never attended UCLA, he attended Graduate Divinity School at first and then Law School at Vanderbilt University, the only school that would take him since he graduated in the bottom 20% of his class at Harvard. The family fortune was relatively modest (barely over 6 figures) and pales in comparison with the money he has made from the environmental causes he advocates and hugely profited from, there is a reason why he is called the “carbon billionaire.”

    Enough of Gore and back to KU basketball

  • @JayHawkFanToo You’re right, he was a professor at UCLA.

  • Knock Knock…

    Who’s there?

    Ivy League.

    Ivy League who?

    Ivy League for every drop of rain that falls:musical_note:

  • Another famous Harvard Alum…

    Erich Segal


  • We also have 11 guys averaging 10 minutes or more! Then out of the guys that are averaging at least 10 minutes or more MOST OF THEM would average 10 pts or more given an increased role! Hopefully everyone stays healthy so we can ride this wave until April!

  • My sister that is 12 years older went to Harvard and worked at night in the new computer department. She worked with a girl named Prudence Farrow with whom she would take her breaks. Prudence took a three week vacation and returned refreshed from her Transcendental retreat in India. Six months later my sister asked her if she was related to Mia Farrow who was with the Beatles when they went to India to see the Maharishi. Yes she did and the song “Dear Prudence” was written about her because she would stay in her tent and meditate rather than “Come out to play.”

  • Harvard can do this to you.


  • @wrwlumpy Very cool story - thanks for sharing.

  • @wrwlumpy Or, maybe it was the fact that he amounted to nothing, despite his Harvard education that caused the stark change in the Unabomber. Or mental illness, on a more serious note…

  • I know almost nothing about Harvard. The one thing I’ve heard is that it is called “Where faith goes to die”.

  • KU is referred to as the (Harvard of the Plains).

  • Isnt something about KU’s own alma-mater song derived from Harvard’s? Or Yale’s? Somebody correct my KU history memory asap please…

    Kind of like in a very uncanny and interesting twist, the entire music for the song America the Beautiful IS the British national anthem! Note for note. Just the words are different. I could sing along with it, which was weird, but with the wrong words. Never noticed that before. I wonder what the Brits really think of us…

  • Hasnt KU Athletics scored in the top 1% academically, with Men’s Basketball leading the pack? That’s really commendable, & Self deserves praise for setting the standards, and the kids for getting it done.

  • @wrwlumpy really cool! Great job.

  • @ralster

    You are thinking of “Far Above Cayuga Waters” which is the Alma Mater song for Cornell…

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