For what it's worth

  • I know guys, we haven’t even got our 2016 commits yet, BUT just saw the article thought I would pass on. You may have already saw but 2017 Pg Trae Young has cut his list, ya it’s down to 11 now lol, but Still progress. Trae is the # 4 point guard and his stock is climbing fast I think currently he is 25th but it’s going to go higher by the time he is ready. So the schools are as follows: Missouri, KU, Kentucky, Duke, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Texas, & SMU. I find a couple of things kinda interesting here, # 1 it has been said, reported countless times, that Trae and Michael Porter are going as a package, pretty strong on that, I have read at various times that it was going to be hard to get Michael as I believe his father is a coach I believe in Washington and his brother is enrolled at Washington. Now her is what I find interesting, # 1 if they are truly set on going to college together, then Washington is out of the picture because he didn’t make Trae’s cut of 11, and Micheal does have KU listed has attended late night and is from Missouri, @nd. Believe me I know that Duke is in serious consideration, BUT find it kind of interesting that all the schools Trae list is in the local area right in the center of the country other then Duke & Virginia & Stanford- - -I do not consider Stanford a player, - - -I do not consider Virginia a player, which leaves us with Duke and Kentucky although I feel its more Duke, having said feeling kinda gut instinct that with Trae listing 8 local schools as he is from Oklahoma, and with Micheal fro Missouri, just kinda have a feel they going to stay local, Trae has been to the last 2 late nights at the phog Michael has been to late night at the phog plus other unofficial visits- -just interesting- - -that’s all I’m sayin- - -we shall see. Get after them tonight , unleash the beast - - CHEICK. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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