Loose Balls...For Tuesday Pre-Game Jitters

  • ~UK’s Skal Labissiere: 2 pts., 2 reebs, in 16 minutes vs. Illinois State–not fouled up, no indication of sickness or injury, just a big no show. Cal has Marcus Lee to fall back on, but not much after that.

    ~UK’s Ulis out with a hyperextended elbow: yo, Gianni, welcome injury city with a medium stack.

    ~Still More UK: Don’t cry for me, Lexingtina…

    It won’t be greasy, you’ll think it strange

    When I try to explain how I feel

    That I still need your love after all that I’ve done

    You won’t believe me

    All you will see is a coach you once knew

    Although he’s dressed up to the nines

    All short and long treys with you

    I had to let it happen, they made me change

    Couldn’t stay all my life on a long stack

    Looking up at World Wide, staying out of CAA’s way

    So I chose freedom

    Running again, trying Labissiere

    But nothing impressed me at all

    I never expected it to

    Don’t cry for me Lexingtina

    The truth is I never shaft you

    All through my title-less years

    My bad existence

    I kept my promise

    Don’t keep your distance

    And as for investigators, and as for shame

    I never invited them in

    Though it seems to the world they were all I desired

    You have delusions

    They’re not the solutions I promised they’d be

    The answer was here all the time

    I love bones and hope you give more to me

    Don’t cry for me Lexingtina

    Don’t cry for me Lexingtina

    The truth is I never shafted you

    All through my title-less years

    My bad existence

    I kept my promise

    Don’t keep your distance

    Have I hustled too much?

    There’s nothing more I can think of to say to you

    But all you have to do is look at me

    To know that every word is true

    Don’t cry for me Lexingtina

    ~Final UK Add: Wildcats shot 16% from trey vs. Illinois State. Another anecdotal case suggesting rising volatility in trey balling this season. Calling @Jesse-Newell!!! Give KenPom a call and ask him to run stats on three point shooting volatility.

    ~LSU: d’Bayou Bengals can’t d’buy a d’beignet, much less a d’W, cher, right now, despite having apparently this d’season’s best OAD in d’Ben Simmons.

    ~Aggravated DUI 4 Ex-DUKIE DUHON: Marshall Assistant Coach Chris Duhon got an aggravated DUI, a stiffer penalty than a DUI, and got suspended. Here are 4 possible categories of aggravated DUI.

    Aggravated Based on BAC In some jurisdictions, a BAC that is significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.08 percent may result in an aggravated DUI. The exact BAC that triggers an aggravated DUI varies depending on state law, but generally ranges from 0.15 percent on up.

    Aggravated Based on Prior Offenses Depending on the jurisdiction, an aggravated DUI may be charged when the driver has been convicted of prior DUIs. Some states are more lenient than others, but the general range is two or more prior offenses in the last three to 12 years.

    Aggravated Based on Concurrent Charges An aggravated DUI can also be based on the driver committing multiple infractions simultaneously. This may involve any number of moving violations such as failure to signal, failure to maintain a single lane of travel or failure to stop. The concurrent charges could also be as simple as driving with no insurance or driving with a suspended, revoked or otherwise invalid license.

    Aggravated Based on Accident An accident that results in injury or death may be charged as an aggravated DUI in some jurisdictions. The injuries may be to passengers, bystanders or another driver.

    Aggravated Based on Presence of Minor(s) An aggravated DUI based on the presence of minors may involve a number of scenarios. In some jurisdictions, driving while under the influence in a school zone, regardless of the speed involved, can result in an aggravated DUI. In most, the presence of a minor in the vehicle will trigger the higher charge; this includes operating a school bus.

    No word found on which category may have applied to Duhon.

    ~After Black Monday, only 9 ESPN Top 100 recruits, plus 5-star Thon Maker, remain to be signed.

    ~Wow, Colorado’s Tory Miller apparently took Coach Tad Boyle’s exhortations to scratch, and bite and give it every thing the guys had a little too literally. In a scramble on the floor for a 50/50 ball, Miller literally bit the shoulder of an Air Force player. Watch this. Not quite Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield stuff, but still more than a love nibble. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:14230866

    ~Never forget the NCAA’s Short-Handed Rule:

    Rule 3, Section 2, Article 2 of the NCAA rulebook states “each team may continue to play with fewer than five players when all other squad members are not eligible or able to play.” Article 3 continues, "when there is only one player participating for a team, that team shall forfeit unless the referee believes that both teams have an opportunity to win."

  • I watched the Ill St vs K-sucky game for as long as I could stand. I swear my blood pressure machine would have blown up if I’d tried to use it last night. It was so blatantly obvious that the ref’s were making sure that K-suck would win, I thought I was going to puke.

    K-SUCK - 46 free throw attempts. Yes - FORTY-SIX. Ill. St - 10 free throw attempts.

    Pure unadulterated BULLCRAP.

  • @nuleafjhawk Do you know how we can find out who will occipital our game with Kentucky? Will it be Big12 guys or SEC guys? Perhaps Nike guys?

  • @JRyman I believe all K-suck games are “officiated” by people with the last name of Calipari. Or Capone.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Laughed until I was sick! I was just listening to “Evita” yesterday. Oh what a circus, oh what a show! You have wide=ranging expertise, sir. I knew about basketball, I knew about history, and now I have to add musical theater to the list.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I sent my UK buds the Lexingtina song…LMAO.

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