SI-5 Memo Regarding COIL and Largo

  • London, 20:11:31 GMT, 30 November 2015

    SI-5 Memo

    TO: all 00 agents and staff of the Sports Intelligence Ministry

    FROM: J

    RE: SPECTRE Basketball Complex

    Agent 0014 will now be our man in college basketball. Evidence from the BIA in Lawrence has finally surfaced that Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s number 2, Emilio Largo, has been the mastermind behind a SPECTRE front organization prosaically named the Big Shoe-Big Agent Complex by the colonials in The BIA, but which actually goes by the name COIL which stands for collegiate organizational influence and leverage. Largo’s COIL is an a insidious application of SPECTRE business and terror techniques to the quaint but increasingly revenue positive game of college basketball, wherein a popular sport that has given the plebes a stiff upper in a lot of tough times is taken over at the organizational level and turned into a SPECTRE front organization for enabling SPECTRE Gaming, Drug and Pleasure Services to Insinuate themselves and compromise key officials in order to let the activity be used as a conduit for SPECTRE pursuits in many related fields damaging to her majesty’s interests. 0014 has been assigned to infiltrate COIL determine its current reach, and kill Largo, once the full breadth of COIL’s operational reach can be determined. The BIA has pledged full cooperation.

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