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  • Was it just the white color that called attention to them, or were more guys wearing the long support hose on their legs than the previous two games?

    Was Self already camouflaging leg injury to one guy by having several don the hose?

    Or were several guys battling sore muscles?

    Or were they preventatives for 3 games in three days?

  • I don t know but I didn t care for the lettering on the unis.

  • Even with the small arena having AC I’m sure these “lingerie” we’re more for blood flow to the legs and helping to preven cramps.

    Also a lot of those “leggings” have pads in them. Be it on te hips or thighs. Some even have them in the knee area. That way players done have to look like Patrick Ewing wearing volleyball knee pads. You remember the 80s @jaybate-1.0 don’t you?

    These “stockings” are more preventative maintenance than anything. Stopping floor burns, bruises, and cramps.

  • @JRyman


    Question: so you think preventative in this case?

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:



    Question: so you think preventative in this case?

    After talking to a HS coach in Omaha last month about kids wearing them more and more, I’d say about 90-95% is preventative. 2% because they don’t want to miss a trend and that final 3% is injury of some sort.

    Nike. Adidas. Under armor all make them plain, with pockets for pads to be placed and taken out and also with built in pads that are little hexagons or something like that so they are very flexible lightweight and protective.

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