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    HYPOTHESIS: Bill Self’s job was never in jeopardy of firing, but KU was probably in some jeopardy of him thinking, ‘Screw these ingrates that don’t get what I’m up against in recruiting against the apparent Big Shoe-Big Agency Complex, while still winning conference titles and averaging .821.’

    The problem is not over, however, because of a great win proving again he is a fine coach that wins big when his tough defensive teams shoot the lights out vs good teams like UCLA, and hang tough but lose, when shooting poorly against good teams like MSU .

    The apparent Big Shoe-Agency Complex appears still to be in position of benefitting from bringing KU back under its aegis, or from marginalizing it, from a strategic POV.

    And Self likely will remember this chicken little behavior from the fans each time he and Cin talk over the next offer. The fans can be destabilized quicker and quicker, he will likely recall. They are no longer part of the foundation of my strength here, he might say. It’s not their fault, he might think, there is probably some pretty sophisticated stuff being used on them to stoke their insecurities. Sports is just a microcosm of the world, Cin, he might say. Sewing dissension with hacks works in politics and business, so why not in sports, too, he might say, and sports ARE big business now, Cin. But regardless, he might add, we know the fans can’t be trusted now even as much as they once could be.

    And Bill Self, like most coaches reputedly have, probably has some sense of fans’ contentment with coaches being somewhat unstable, even without being nudged.

    And that’s the whole point of sustained destabilization strategy–in government, business, and sports. Sew dissension into the always slightly unstable cornerstoneso of an order/structure that supports a regime desired to be replaced, or marginalized.

    It works so well that a whole industry has reputedly evolved to meet the demand.

    None of the above is meant to suggest a conspiracy. As nearly as I, a layman and fan can tell, there is nothing illegal about destabilization strategy, so there would be nothing apparent necessitating conspiracy.

    And none of the above suggests that normal fan dissatisfaction is not operating now right along with hypothesized destabilization strategy. Quite the contrary. Normal fan dissatisfaction is the active agent that the catalyst of strategic destabilization needs to be applied to in order to be effective.

    Those behind the scenes and outside programs with loyalties to the Big Shoe-Big Agency Complex not in power at certain programs, apparently know top coaches like Self are too good for their schools to fire them much of the time. Thus their logical strategic move is to run enough analog and cyber psy-ops often enough to sew enough destabilization to get top coaches to choose to leave with their FU monies for untargeted positions. Slow, but low risk and elegant strategy and tactics, it would appear.

    Hypothesis: The apparent complex appears to run destabilization strategy, on programs that would offer strategic net benefit were they brought back into the fold, or simply wrecked. Data points? It was apparently possibly tried at Louisville on Pitino and now appears to be again. It was apparently possibly tried on Roy at UNC a couple times. It now appears possibly to be almost normalized versus KU and Self.

    Hypothesis: Leaking dirt to trigger investigations is the analog approach. Using media, in whichever portals permit It, to sew dissension and to inflame fan fears of inadequate performance is the cyber approach.

    Time to start looking back, around and forward to see if any data fits these hypotheses. And don’t waste a second looking for conspiracies for there apparently wouldn’t be a point to one.

    Rock Chalk!

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