Ok, my take- - - - -my question- - - -and poof

  • Hey guys, 1st and foremost EVERYONE have a very happy Thanksgiving ok, want everyone to eat, and be safe, so we can continue our conversation is awesome. Ok , my point AND it’s just my take, may be way off but here I go. I thought we looked really good, I mean REALLY good the 1st half last night against UCLA , almost scary good , Wayne look really sweet , Perry looked great , Frankl , Devonte , Svi , looked really good hell even Lucas looked decent, Perry had 18 , Wayne had 12, turnovers was down totally controlled UCLA. what can you say? Now here is the other half, The 2nd half here comes the poof- - - and question , and kind of my theory. Question what happened to Perry- - - -Wayne? Perry 2nd half 6 pts- - -Wayne 3 pts- - -Poof- - -they disappeared- - -What happened? Ok now here is my thought , my theory, some of you may laugh, could be really off but it’s just my thought. The whole tempo of the game changed in the 2nd half, It was a lot more controlled pace, the 1st half, we controlled the boards, we got out and ran the ball, run, run, pressure, the 2nd half was a slower pace But I don’t feel it was as much as our choice BUT more UCLA’S choice so things slowed. Played well enough to win, and I realize it is hard to keep focus when you put ass butt kicking on someone like that in the 1st half, our defense was not so great the 2nd half, but I also feel the final score in no way was indicative of the reality of the game really wasn’t that close, we just kind of put it on cruise control the 2nd half. Was good to see not as much dribble drive penetration by UCLA outstanding job on alford Yes I do have to agree with others a little for at least last nights game we looked really good when we just turned it loose and ran, popped the 3 and dumped down low both, going to have to really crank it up for tonight I have watched Vanderbilt 2 times now and they look really salty, One last thing here though have to say it especially to those who want to oh I don’t know FIRE BILL SELF, time for Bill to go- - - -hmmmmmm, lets see where the hell is that stubborn guy who refuses to change and won’t let his guys loose- - forces them to play inside out, didn’t really see that especially in the 1st half. Anyways again guys HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING and you take care, be safe & of course ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I love your posts and your enthusiasm. I do have one constructive criticism on your writing style though. It would be a lot easier to read (for me at least) if you broke out your posts in multiple paragraphs. Hope you don’t mind.

    To borrow from Jaybate, no malice intended. 🙂

  • @FarSideHawk that’s ok buddy, no offense taken. I’m pretty weak with the English- - -grammer part of things in my life, English was a very very bad class, course for me in school, just couldn’t grasp I. Maybe it was because I was to busy chasing the girls- - -skippin school,- - - or that dreaded tennage thing of I just don’t care - - -letas party lol. Wish I would of paid better attention, little late for that now though lol. Just please try and bare with me and wholler though it with me. Have a great thanksgiving & of course ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 no problem, we’re all unique!

  • @jayballer54 is/was English a second language? Do you speak three others fluently?

    Perhaps you are someone we might all know of???

  • @JRyman If you’re right, I hope we don’t hear from him again very soon! Until BB season is over…

  • @JRyman Lol , bud no, not who you suggesting I might be lol. Wouldn’t want to be him well at least not right now, poor guy, I’m just an average old man who didn’t do well in English in school, the only 2 languages I do not and not awesome at is ENGLISH and SPANISH, but for the individual to whom you speak of- - - - - I sure wish, he could get that cleared up for him, it’s a travesty. Have a great Thanksgiving Bud & ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Mostly, the “tale of 2 halves” is a mental thing, and also a big factor is 2nd half adjustments.

    Mental thing: hard to not slow down your aggression when you are up 25pts. We’ve seen this countless times all across the ncaa over the yrs, right? Its something coaches caution their teams about nonstop, but there’s a human nature letdown.

    2nd half adjustments: Steve Alford or any coach will try something different on both ends of the court, sometimes it works, sometines not.

    Also in blowouts, when the bench guys get in, our efficiency & execution goes down, will the other team is still goung hard, and the gap shrinks.

    Some of this is coaching profession respect for losing coach, not run-up the score, and also getting “practice minutes” for your bench guys against live opponent.

    If the starters stayed in as a unit, they’d get chewed once or twice by Self…and you’d have seen Selden, Perry, etc, hang 100+ on poor UCLA. But Self knows he’ll need rested starters to try to win this thing against top20 Vandy.

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