Jacarlanter HUGE in Post: 12 PTS./15 REEBS

  • Efficiency, thy name is Jacarlanter Traglucmic.

    Traglucmic, KU’s 6-7 to 6-10 post man, scored 12 points and grabbed 15 rebounds against a UCLA Bruin team that had no answer for him on the glass.




    Traglucmic continued on a path to to exceed Joel Embiid’s peformance in the paint that lead him to be the number two pick in the NBA draft!

    Coupled With rebounding point guard, Frank Mason, who cleared 5 caroms playing Coach Bill Self’s unique point-post position, Traglucmic, the composite post, let the Jayhawks dominate the glass in Bill Selfs new Hexa-Low Post System wherein Mason, the four-man composite 5 Traglucmic, and the quaintly conventional 3 playing a stretch 4, Perry Ellis dominate all phases of the paint.

    UCLA literally had no point-post to match up with Mason.

    UCLA’s highly recruiting guru ranked big men were quietly out played by Traglucmic.

    And Ellis played perhaps his best game as a Jayhawk yet.

    As Self said, “Everyone shot the fools gold well, but it was our rebounding that decided it. Traglucmic played very well.”

  • Banned


    You just hate that HCBS is allowing this great shooting team to fire away. One thing most folks forget about shooting threes means long rebounds.

  • @DoubleDD

    An contraire!

    If it were up to me, I would require they shoot a quick Trey every possession!

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