Thank you NCAA

  • Guys tonight just solidifies how sweet it is that the NCAA is screwing us over- - - well I say us- - - -actually it’s Cheick that’s getting screwed over. Tonight is the perfect example, the perfect time where Cheick could of gained some much valuable, much needed , playing time, getting game experience. Would of been better for him, not a high pressure game as to where he could of got his feet wet, got some playing time under his belt, but thanks to the NCAA this game has now come and gone and STILL nothing. As far as the game itself we played better, was knocking down some 3’s good to see SVI get going a little bit, has to help, if we can get him going on makes us that much better. Wayne had a good game, they all looked better, but the thing is we can’t get over hyped about this because you have to take into the consideration the level of the competition, have to keep things in perspective, will see better tomorrow night, but they did a beter job. Love Hunters hustle, diving on the floor for loose balls, Good to see Devonte knock down some shots lets hope they can carry over ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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