Beyond Mr. Greene, Mr. Diallo and Mr. Self, It's Chaminade time

  • It’s here! The hangover buster. The subject changer. The Wowie in Maui. The next game.

    Whatever you call it, it’s here.

    I for one am looking forward to a game, a game that will show us how we have dealt with this past week post loss. The distractions of the NCAA and a suspension.

    Time to move forward, no more looking back. The Delorean is parked and the flex capacitor has been removed. It’s time for the present and future to shape into something great. What that is I have no idea, but one way or another I will enjoy the ride.

    Chaminade, tough to say who will have the crowd more behind them. Will KU come out flat, reserved to save it for back to back to back games?

    Will we rebound?

    Will we play KU ball and grind them down?

    Will coach Self get a Technical just for talking to an one of the three officials hired by the NCAA?

    Will the game be blacked out for KU fans that traveled to Hawaii without tickets?

  • Anyone else ready for tonight’s game or is everyone else living in the past and to worried about how much they can bicker like its recess in the 3rd grade about whose opinion matters more?

    I for one am looking forward to this week of basketball and to see what happens.


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  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Where can one get that SWAG?

  • I’m ready. I’ve been ready since summer. Now things starting to speed up a bit. Love it, been watching other games, now ready to watch the boys go for three nights, hope we preform well. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY. One little side note for the ones that think the sky is falling, just remember that the Nu 1, 4,5, & 9 all lost plus probably a few more also soo it’s not just us, it’s early REALY early, like 2nd game in the season early nad yet to have our boy help with the rim and boards , we will be fine

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