TarHeels Take a Fall

  • Northern Iowa 71-North Carolina 67. A blown lead.

  • @REHawk

    Oh, yes. Them pesky Northern Iowa Panthers strike again…

  • Well - Let me guess what’s being written on some NC fan site right now

    • Roy clearly can’t adapt to his players strengths, and is forcing his usual game strategy on them. The game is passing him by. He is playing his favorite seasoned players over his talented freshman who clearly have better upside, and he is clearly too blind to see this, whereas people on their site clearly know better. Time for Roy to step down and move on and get fresh blood in NC who can recruit at the level of duke and Kentucky.

  • @Bosthawk I figured you’d bring up his issues with his vertigo.

    What you said seems so so familiar.

  • @Bosthawk LMAO, buddy now you just stop that, lol your 1000 % right but hey that’s got to be the problem, good ol roy the game has passed him by, he shows favoritism, lmao. dam that’s good. The question is I wonder if others that’s on here that are sayin the same about Bill can see this when it’s concerning another team and see how ridicilious it really is? YUP, YUP time for Good OL ROY to go, he is to blind, to stubborn… That’s sweet buddy

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