Dunking and deep breaths

  • Kansas missed how many layups against Mich St? How many of those could have been made dunks?

    We know 9 were blocked.

    Speaking of blocks KU had only 1. As much as Valentine got in the lame we only had one block? Sad in reality

    A few mentioned how winded Frank looke. I get it, it does does take time to get into “game shape” One would think with the strenuous boot camp that he and the rest of the team could run in the New York Marathon.

    All the guys at the end of the MSU game were shot, it wasn’t because they were expanding all their energy to come back from 13 down. It wasn’t because they were out hustling them. It wasn’t due to s full court press and trapping D.

    Why were they all so shot and winded?

    Guys are lean and toned, quick lateral movement, fast from base line to baseline. Even heard a few posters say guys have faster foot speed.

    All this and yet no one on this team can dunk! Are their legs that tired from workouts they can’t jump any more? Is it the style of training itself that Huddy (gasp) has them doing that is affecting their verticals?

    OR is it that in practice that Perry is never challenged at the rim and he just has to lay it in? It’s not just Perry it’s all the bugs in reality.

    Does HCBS put spikes on the rim so players are afraid to dunk in fear of cutting their hands open?

    Are they coached to finish at the rim? This goes back to the Standford game. No one finished strong. It was layups and floaters that got swatted away.

    For a coach who likes to pound it inside he’s won’t let his bigs throw it down. Maybe they can’t jump?

    Why doesn’t KU dunk?

    Not only is it harder to block than a lay up but it fires up the bench, giving Manning and Self something to do, hold back their teammates. It gets the crowd going. It’s a smack in the face of the D. Heck Releford used to put a little flare on his run outs. TRob and Whithey did it with authority. Reed got one, one and AFH went nuts!!

    And yet Perry’s nerf rim on te back of his childhood door is still at a 90 degree angle, it was never dunked on!

    Lucas shoots an airball from a foot away. Dunk it already!!!

    Traylor drives from the line and gets to the rim just to watch it roll off the other side. Dunk it already.

    Man non of them have a killer instinct or wouldn’t hurt a fly. But cmon fellas dunk the ball. At least once per half. Who knows you might like it. Other teams are doing it.

    Shooting percentage will go up. The crowd will get louder.

    Why doesn’t KU dunk the ball?

  • Simple, KU Bigs are Soft, Since T-Rob we have not had a Big who plays Physical. Withey got to that point in his senior year. Joel could have developed into one had he stayed longer but his game was more finesse.

  • I think I’ll go get some Dunkin donuts.

  • @wissoxfan83 said:

    I think I’ll go get some Dunkin donuts.


  • @JRyman It was a good post though, I yell “dunk it” about 5 times a game and have been yelling that for about 3 or 4 years now.

  • I think you want to see more of this:

  • Or this

  • @wissoxfan83 said:

    Or this

    Yes. HURT THE RIM!!!

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