Some Completely Insane Ideas for Getting Better...

  • Have @HighEliteMajor and legacy 3 Brady Morningstar do a blind folded present exchange of broccoli florets and endangered venomous snakes with out telling who will get which.

    14-profileimg.jpg @HighEliteMajor Avatar

    iur.jpeg Brady Morningstar

    brocflor.jpeg Broccoli florets

    GABOON VIPER.jpg Endangered Venomous Snake (Gaboon Viper)

    Have Bill whistle a stop in practice and scream at the top of his lungs: "If we don’t start making bunnies I am going to Namibia and roast quail eggs on old Volkswagen hubcaps while singing Superstition under a cabana the color of Burnese Mountain Dog irises next to a strange rock outcropping in the Namib Desert!!!

    quail eggs.jpeg Quail Eggs

    iu-1.jpeg Old Volkswagen Beetle Hubcaps

    namibrock.jpeg Strange Rock Outcropping, Namib Desert

    Say: Yo, Jamari, we need you running on all cylinders, and figure the new dorms must be TOO nice for you to get a good nights sleep in, so we bought you a 71 AMC Matador to sleep in.

    dorm.jpeg New KU Basketball Athletic Dorm

    amcmat.jpeg AMC Matador

    Require that everyone that comes to AFH wear a blue shirt and a weird animal hat.

    blue t.jpeg Blue T-Shirt

    weirdanhat.jpg Weird Animal Hats (imagine 16,000)

    All for now.

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