Almost, but not quite speechless...

  • Late last night, again this morning, I am nearly struck numb and dumb by this loss. I’m losing track; what are we now, 1 and 3 or 1 and 4 in this CHAMPIONS Classic? Another loss and we will probably be replaced by North Carolina. PHOG and the HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM can only carry us so far. My inclination is to seek out responsibility for such collapses. Coach. Players. I run down the list. Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. guilty, guilty. Redundant negativity. The sky ain’t fallin’, but what an overcast day! Unfortunately, this appears to be an extension from the Stanford game, well over a year ago. This coach, this system, this group of players are not meshing well. Will there be a more rewarding turning point before the Jayhawk Faithful choose to abandon fervor for the source of their annual (if not daily) pulse of excitement? What a downer, watching Izzo and Valentine smother our euphoria in those final seven minutes last night. Not a happy harbinger for the challenges which lie ahead.

  • Was this Coach Self letting our veterans play to show them that they are not all that and a bag of chips? Was this his way of letting our veterans know that Vick and Bragg are hungry and ready to take their spots? What adjustments does Self make over the coarse of the next month to keep this from happening again? Will the starting roles and minutes be distributed to others due to this poor outing? Was letting our guys nose dive a wake up call? I am still scratching my head wondering WHY? Why didn’t Bragg and Mickelson play? Why didn’t Svi and Greene put on a 3pt clinic last night? What was the purpose of last night?

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