All right, might as well

  • Ok guys, a couple of things I want to see # 1, does Cheick see the floor in a KU uniform period this year? If so let me hear your guess to when. # 2 Who wins Tuesday night? Our hawks - - – OR Michigan State? try to predict a score. we are getting now where on the Diallo front soooo lets make some predictions. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Yes. First game after the first semester is over.

    Hawks 75 Sparty 66

  • I just think there’s got to be more to this Diallo thing that we’re not seeing so he doesn’t play.

    We usually play well in Chicago so we knock em off by 1 on a Jamtray putback at the buzzer making @HighEliteMajor have to admit he’s glad Jamari was in there at that time!

  • I also think it will be first game after semester. Ku wins 82-77

  • Diallo plays,90 Hawks Sparty 75

  • @lucky_ diallo plays-next game and we win by dble digits!

  • Well I might be a little enthusiastic, I hope ncaa wants to let this young man show his skills on national tv. Love the faster pace offense that takes advantage of easy points.Im sure Iszzo will try to make this a half court game. Like our depth a lot. Have faith go KU!!

  • GOOD LUCK TO Tom Izzo in trying to make this a half-court game. He would be forgetting about Frank Mason and Devonte and Perry and Jamari and, etc…and etc…

    I remember when Self came to KU, about half the KU fanbase was dreading it: “Oh god, here we go with Sutton ball, 55-point, walk-it-up-the-court bruiser-ball.” Well they were describing Big10 ball quite well, where Self also was (at Illini), but this all is in the pre-Mason Era.

    Frank is fast. Frank is tough. Where Frank goes, other Jayhawks follow. You see, Frank is the leader. This is why Self “begged” Frank to come to KU.

    Izzo better check his roster depth, he’s going to need ALL hands on deck, as Frank will only stop to be seen on the FT line. I hope Izzo has had as much time to experiment with this year’s roster combinations, as Self has…

  • Bet on KU. Bet on Frank and Devonte. I also think Jamari will be key against MichSt again this year, as he was last year. And this is a coming home game for senior Jamari. Fill the stat sheet, Jamari!

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