Is the Big 12 underrated?

  • So pretty much any college basketball analyst or fan would say that the best conference this season is either the ACC or Big Ten. Proponents of the Big Ten will allude to the fact that they currently have three teams ranked in the AP top 5. ACC fans will point out that their conference is home to three historic programs in North Carolina, Syracuse, and Duke. However, numbers would suggest that the Big 12 has been the best conference this season, thanks in large part to a strong collective non-conference performance.

    Team Rankings


    List of notable Big 12 wins:

    Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Colorado x2, New Mexico, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Iowa, Michigan, Memphis, BYU, Purdue

    Hopefully the Big 12 will get the recognition it deserves when the Selection Committee starts seeding. I think the Big 12 will likely get 5 teams into the tournament (Kansas, Oklahoma St, Baylor, Iowa St, and Texas/Oklahoma), and maybe 6 with Oklahoma/Texas on the bubble. KState has an outside shot. They had a nice win over Gonzaga but I’ve watched them a few times this season and I wasn’t impressed.

    Anyway, good job so far by teams in the Big 12. /EndRant

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  • @KirkIsMyHinrich I can’t provide any factual basis for it, but I have to nominate the Big 10 (with Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin). But overall I think the Big 12 is as good as any of them

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