Floor burns

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    This is good and bad.

    Haase is acting in enlightened self interest toward the program’s players.

    He knows he can’t get ahead with fewer players.

    He knows it is better give $46k and deduct a third of it to net out at $30K out of pocket, than lose his head coaching salary, because he goes 0-fer when his good players leave for schools that will pay them.

    He knows his coaching future depends on keeping what good players he has.

    And if he just payed his own players, the Uncle Sam might not necessarily view donation as a tax deductible donation. It might view it as a pay cut by the school to finance paying for its other obligations. Hence, the donation to mens and women’s teams.

    On the other hand, what this means is that there is a serious solvency crisis among NCAA programs among the mid majors that are not getting the beau coup bucks from the PetroShoeCos and that means that the influence of the PetroShoeCos is going to grow exponentially as the pinch is felt deeper and deeper and more and more NCAA programs knuckle under to total subordination to the PetroShoeCos, or get out of the game entirely at the D1 level.

    Insolvency is bad for basketball.

    It makes it more and more beholden to whom ever will write the big checks to bail it out.

    This is how the bad guys get in control of stuff they shouldn’t be allowed to get in control of.

    Haase is delaying the reckoning.

    Let’s hope UAB can find a way to afford D1 ball, that does not involve selling out to the wrong way guys.

    Go, Jerrod, go.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I wondered if this was legal, seems like w/ncaa nothing is above them. The article did say the programs would be ok going forward, made me wonder what changed.

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