OK here is winners, & Losers & EH

  • well 1st exhibition done. So we progress, here we go tonight- - -winners - - -Carlton , Perry, Devonte, Hunter. Losers LANDON, Brennan , Svi, and Jamari. & EH Frank & Wayne. as for the winners Think Carlton is going to be very nice, well done, Perry very Steady, Devonte very solid, Hunter looks improved at present Hunter over Landon, Jamari HANDS DOWN. for the losers, yes only 1st game but Landon- - - - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, please have a seat. Brennan, STILL the phantom defense, if that’s what you call it, Svi, I keep hearing how he has got such a great shot- - -STILL WAITING and has caught Brennan defense, & Jamari- - -I dunno, shows energy but again gets beat pretty regular on defense. and the EH. Frank had just an average, not real good, not real bad, Wayne, kinda disappointed but it’s the 1st game. Grades, Carlton - -A , Perry- -A , Devonte- - A- , Hunter- - B , Frank- - C, Wayne C-, Jamari- - D, Brennan & Svi D- , & Landon sorry F. no where to go but up for Landon after tonight. Team Grades Shooting- - -C- , 3pt shooting, - - D Rebounding- - C- Free throw shooting- - F. guys with thes enew rules we are going to have to be able to make those free points when it’s given to us, and Coach has said we are looking at 50 free throws a game at least at 1st, have to do a MUCH better job. welp, that’s me, glad we won, saw where we need to improve, it was the 1st game, now on to the next. I think it’s going to be a dam good year ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Maybe Landon was ref meat last night: Self knew there were going to be mucho fouls called, so he sent Landon out there to take the first few quick ones.

    Not a bad tactic really.

    Just looking at the box score, Hunter hunts: 10/6/4 in 13 minutes! Play 33 minutes and that’s 25/15/10.

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