Ok, so Herard is gone no suprise BUT

  • we all had pretty well figures out that this was going to surprise no one. but now I see we have offered Andrew Jones? getting in on him pretty late aren’t; we or am I missing something? with Herard as expected came down to playing time immediately, which I mean he would of got playing time for sure with all our looses, but its almost like he wanting to start and Coach Self will not guarantee that Period. So its either Allen, Azubuike, or Bolden. I still feel like we have a great shot at both Azubuike, & Bolden. Azubuike at the 5 Bolden at the 4, neither one is going to scare the other away, different positions or can play different. As with if Herard would of come then no chance Azubuike would of committed but I really feel we have a chance with these 2. Again it is pretty simple I believe, if Giles goes to Duke, Bolden comes here. The Andrew Jones really caught me off guard, had no idea we were even thinking about going after him, question is, is he interested in us? ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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