feeling better on Bolden

  • Sure like our chances a lot more just from the take I got off Marques interview, talking about how he has always had a lot of interest in KU, and saying that hasn’t changed, and that he wouldn’t of made the trip if he wasn’t seriously considering KU. said he got to watch practice and how he enjoyed that, and coach self telling him how he would be used saying he wasn’t for sure if he was going to go to Kentucky’s or Duke’s midnight madness events, needs to sit back and think about what he is doin next, not sure what he is going to do. Now yes I know he has already visited both those schools but still feel he may be a KU lean again, was wearing his KU shirt, I still like our chances, like I said previously I think we will get 2 out of the 5 that visited not sure at what point but the final result that’s what we get. would love Bolden- - Herarld, or Bolden Azulbulike let Marques play the 4 and Azul the true 5 where is a natural and be the powerful inside presence ya I know, I know, maybe so far off base, but yet I don’t think so that’s my gut telling me ew shall see, but got nothing but positive vibes from this post. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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