Marcus Smart: more bulletin material

  • Well, looks like we continue to be “gifted” by the presence of TravisBIGFord, and Marcus Smartnot: They keep giving Self bulletin board gifts. Smart might have played tough in AFH, but his game was ‘slidin backwards’ in his own gym in the rematch (courtesy KYo…). I, too, am eagerly awaiting Jan.18. 3 months of development time under Self? Yep, god help OkieState…

  • Seems like OSU is working to replace Missouri on the KU most hated list. That said, I kind of liked Marcus Smart last year and admire him for coming back to school for another year.

  • I thought Smart said a big reason he came back was an injury at the end of last season. He wouldn’t have been 100% in pre-draft workouts, which would have hurt his draft status.

  • I didn’t see anything too inflammatory in what he said. I’ve been saying the same thing all summer. We really don’t know til these kids get on the court under the bright lights.

  • Good points. Truth be told, every team would like to get a talent like Marcus Smart (we finally got ours with Selden). Regarding OklaState, I dont think I could really hate them, as that is Self’s alma mater (that means alot to some of us), as well as I have had extended family members graduate from OklaSt as well as OU. I personally dont have a problem with either school…just win when that big12 matchup comes up, or get em next time. Should be a fun season…

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  • @ralster I was very disappointed when we didn’t get to open the Smart/Forte package, but I think I’m about over it now! Like you, I don’t hate them (Forte’s parents are good friends of ours. Not saying that to “name drop”, it’s just that we’ve known them for 25 years.) I’m not a big fan of their coach, and last year we got a glimpse of some of their less than friendly fan base. Wait a minute…maybe I do hate them. Lol.

  • I was bummed to miss out on Smart 2 years ago - turns out he was quite possibly the missing ingredient for a KU National Championship last year.

    I respect his game (except for the flopping.) That said, he’s one of those guys you really only love if he’s on your team. The dude just doesn’t quit talking, and the rest of us can’t wait to shut him up.

    I’m trying to think of a similar KU player that another team may feel the same way about. Possibly a little how Iowa St. fans feel about EJ?

  • I respect Marcus, and while I don’t see anything majorly wrong with his comments, the last time Wiggins was “called out” he dropped 57-13-4

    Thank you, Mr.Smart.

  • This will all be taken care of on the court and its been stated previously that we will have ran a gauntlet by the time the first Ok State game comes around. I can’t wait!

    The only problem I have with what Marcus Smart said is that he is trying to make it sound like Andrew is basking in all this hype and throwing it in everyone’s face. Andrew can’t help what people are going to write and he continues to be humble about everything that is written. These are going to be two battles and I hope they keep talking and we keep going about our business because it’s fuel for the fire. I think Marcus is thinking to himself that we don’t want a dogfight but that’s exactly what we are going to give them…in fact, it may be more of a back alley brawl.

  • First off, this is my first post and am happy we have this new place for discussions.

    I cannot wait for the OSU game. I hope Wiggins quietly puts up a big game, but for Selden, Black, Embiid and the rest to just embarrass the Cowboys and let them know who’s boss of the Big 12. They seem to think that because they got us at home, back flips and all, that they can talk like they won the Big 12 once in the last nine years. I really hope this team gets a killer instinct in them that some of the teams in the past couple of years seemed to lack.

  • @JayDocMD, good points. Regarding EJ, I dont really recall him ever stirring the pot by saying things in public or to the media. He was pretty reserved & all biz during the '12 Champ run. And he was too much of a nice-guy who showed inconsistent motivation his senior year. Regarding the game @ IowaSt, their fans were heckling him as bad as Mizzou fans, and he was jawing at them, and without question, those Clone fans unwittingly helped their own demise by absolutely firing up that 6’4 5star kid, who absolutely hung 39pts on them. My wish was that we “bottled” that particular EJ. But you cannot expect someone to exist outside of their base personality very long…meaning, you cannot expect EJ to play “mad” every single game. Smart is a fine talent, I just hope our team beats his on gameday. RCJH.

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