Fan Collective $hoe Contract$: Fanta$tic

  • Wouldn’t it be great to organize KU fans and collectively contract to wear a specific brand of Petroshoeco apparel in exchange for,say, $50 Million!!!

    Imagine everyone wearing adidas brand shirts, sunglasses, caps, shoes, and maybe even parkas to work and games.

    We are a supremely high profile fan base. Even President OBAMA IS WITH US!!!

    $50 Million split among 50k fans would be a $1000 per fan, plus they could comp us a bunch of merchandise we could sell on the street, like maybe coaches and players do, too.

    Imagine AFH filled wth 16,500 screaming fans wearing adidas logo Crimson T shirts and adidas logo blue caps and everyone could wear a pair of those fabulous looking adidas KU basketball shoes–just like the coaches and players do!

    We could sell our endorsement of adidas products to adidas just like the coaches and school do!

    And imagine how many fans would join up around the world to get $1000 bucks! The contract consideration could slide with membership! 😀

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